The Indispensable Boxer Backpack

Traveling can be stressful, especially if you’re toting a hefty backpack or luggage that just gets in the way. Dump the frump! Lightweight and great-looking, The Boxer backpack by ShortyLove features a streamlined design and mega storage room, ensuring you’ll arrive at your destination unflustered and ready to roll. Another positive feature that I particularly like about the Boxer is that I can easily attach it to my rolling luggage when I arrive at my destination. Easy-peasy is the way the Boxer rolls!

New Yorkers realize that one can never go wrong with basic black but if you’re in the mood for color, the Boxer in olive green is a hot pick, rightfully so. Therefore, it’s always wise to jump on it when it is restocked because it doesn’t stick around for long. I opted for the pale gray Boxer because it is a perfect complement to the black base color of my capsule wardrobe.

ShortyLove hit a home run with the Boxer. It is the perfect backpack for students lugging lots of books, for moms hauling baby stuff, and for office workers, travelers, gym-goers, and just about anyone who hauls around a lot of stuff and prefers a bag that’s more polished looking than the run-of-the-mill backpack.

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Rachelle Nones

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