The Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa & Salon

Take a short trip to Philadelphia for the weekend and experience the Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa & Salon, located in the Loews Philadelphia Hotel. From the moment you arrive, you will only be able to relax and succumb to the pampering that awaits. Go for a girl’s weekend or by yourself to decompress. It is well worth the trip.

Joseph Anthony opened its new location at the Loews Philadelphia in November 2019, just before the pandemic began, and it is quite the jewel in the crown of this hotel. You do not have to be a guest to feel like royalty in this spa. When you enter, you are ushered into a lounge area and offered drinks including, champagne, wine, and Perrier water.

The 15,000 square foot spa is designed with furnishings and equipment hand selected and imported from Germany and other foreign countries. There is a Soft Pack Float Room, where you can get a full body scrub with exfoliating mud, and then enter a dry bath. It looks like you are wrapping yourself up in a blanket, but you are floating on a bed of warm water. You do not get wet, but it relieves the tension in your back.

There is also a Turkish bath area, where everything is imported from Turkey. The heated room is designed to look like a starry night, and includes mists of steam, and light therapy as you enjoy your water treatment.

The Brine room has a waterfall on a wall that grows actual salt. It is good for the sinuses, and you can relax there after your treatment. There are comfy chairs, warm blankets, and fresh baked cookies to indulge in.

On this visit I experienced the Signature Hydrafacial treatment. After changing into a terry cloth robe and locking my belongings in a locker, I entered a waiting room there are magazines, calming music, and I sat with my feet in a bath of warm water and essential oils.

Soon it was time for my Hydrafacial that includes a head, neck, and shoulder massage, as well as the hydra treatment. The esthetician uses a Vortex-Fusion instrument that layers on each part of the treatment that consists of various serums with antioxidants, peptide and hyaluronic acid. It feels like a very deep cleaning of the pores but is also gentle and soothing. The esthetician was very informative about what she recommended for my skin type and was overall very knowledgeable.

At the end, you have the option to see everything that “came out” of your pores. My skin felt amazing– soft and free of blackheads, and excess oil. It looked brighter too.

After the treatment I was able to spend some time relaxing in the Brine Room, clearing my sinuses. Days later, my skin still felt amazing and less clogged. I highly recommend the Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa & Salon for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience alone or with friends. There are so many areas to lounge with a bachelorette party or a group of friends without feeling crowded. I am already planning another visit with some friends.

For more information, and current safety measures, visit,,

Loews Hotel Philadelphia
Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa & Salon
1200 Market Street, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

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