The No-Mess French Press

Using a French press coffee maker isn’t the easiest method of brewing coffee, but it is well worth the effort to use it to make a kick-ass cup of coffee.

If you favor a robust cup of coffee, the French press brewing method is the only way to go because it retains the flavorful oils that the paper filters used in other brewing methods tend to absorb.

I’m using the Simpli Press French press 34 oz glass carafe because it brews a richer cup of coffee than my single-cup coffee machine ever brewed.

One of the advantages of using the French press by Simpli Press is grit prevention Their double filter does an incredible job of keeping coffee grounds out of the brew. As a result, every cup of coffee is free of grounds. Clean-up is fast and never messy. If you decide to purchase the Simpli Press French press coffee maker, I highly recommend that you read the instructions and view the “Brewing” and “Cleaning the Simpli Press” videos on the company’s website before doing a single thing.

The first time that I used the Simpli Press to brew coffee, I followed the recommended coffee grounds measurement instructions written on the coffee bag. Unfortunately, the coffee ended up tasting far too weak. After viewing the instructional video, I used the measuring guide marks inside the coffee basket to measure the appropriate amount of coffee grounds. To determine the exact amount of water needed, I used the measuring guides etched on the carafe’s glass. The result? Great-tasting coffee! It takes less than ten minutes to brew a full-bodied cup of coffee using the Simpli Press coffee maker. Ditch the drip. Enjoy a rich and robust cup of coffee in three simple steps: Brew. Press. Pour.


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