The SCOTTeVEST For Easy Travel

Do you often go crazy, fumbling through your purse for your keys, sunglasses, phone, tablet, hand sanitizer, wallet, fresh Kleenex, pencil, gum? For anyone who has ever struggled with keeping all of their essentials at hand, the SCOTTeVEST may come as a blessing.

The SCOTTeVEST was invented by Scott Jordan, who grew frustrated when traveling when not being able to secure all his electronic gadgets safely in one place — and of carrying too many things in bags and never knowing where anything was stashed. The vest is very well designed and comfortable. It is a pleasure to wear, and it looks quite stylish when worn with jeans, a skirt, or dress. Slip it on and fill it with all of your little items. An essential for traveling safely so as to avoid being mugged or losing things when tired and distracted, you’ll also love to wear it in the city to avoid carrying a heavy purse and becoming annoyed when you can’t find anything in your bag.

The SCOTTeVEST 101 Women’s Travel Vest enables you to carry a small tablet, phone, and many other items in its nine pockets. It is made of 70% cotton and 30% nylon; you can check the chart to find your size. Though I am Medium, I tried on an XL and liked the extra looseness that enables you to add layers or don a fashionably oversized top. Different styles are available as well as jackets and coats in the same multiple pockets model. Never stress when passing security at the airport, simply take your vest off and lay it in the bin. It is a breeze!

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