Tired of Caffeine? Try Tinctures


Earth and Star’s Tincture Variety Pack

How many times do you head to that cute, trendy cafe near your apartment every week because you need your fix? Or throw back an energy drink that will lead to a gross crash by lunchtime? I mean, I like an afternoon nap, but not one that leaves me groggy and blurry eyed. Earth and Star’s Tincture Variety Pack is my solution. Brain Drops contains only Lion’s Mane, which delivers a boost in energy and mood to continue on with my day. For a supercharged hit, Immune Drops is the answer. Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, and Lion’s Mane all blend together in this tincture. I felt the effects after ten minutes and jump-started my morning run and cleaned the kitchen top to bottom. All without even listening to my podcasts or getting distracted by Instagram! Honestly a miracle for my brain, I tell you. No caffeine jitters to be found here. For an inside glow Beauty Drops are the answer, formulated with Tremella (a superfood to increases elasticity) and Shiitake (boosting immunity, white blood cells, and anti-inflammatory qualities).

I like to use these in my bedtime tea so it works while I catch some zzz’s. All the tinctures have only five calories (better than any caramel latte or sugar-packed Red Bull). Earth and Star products are backed by science, so you can enjoy them without any worry about sketchy formulation. These tinctures are my go-to for 2023!


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