‘Tis the Season for Sipping, Part Deux: Holiday Gift Guide – Spirited Stocking Stuffers

Admit it: Stocking stuffers are usually the lamest gift you give – and receive. It’s a challenge to come up with something cool that fits well into such a limited space. Here are few products we found that will slip snuggly into that big sock. They are also thoughtful presents for spirits lovers that we think are innovative and fabulously fun.

Making cocktails is always a fun endeavor, but when you are hosting a holiday party sometimes you need a little assistance, especially when time is of the essence. That’s where Cocktail Rx comes in handy. This new line of chic cocktail mixers offers a variety of tantalizing tastes to enjoy for any event. They are a synch to use since the reusable shakers come complete with all the ingredients you need to concoct eight servings of the cocktail of your choice. Just add ice and a spirit, and it’s on. The line of traditional offerings includes Margarita, Lemon Drop, Cosmo, Appletini, and Blue Hawaiian. For our purposes, check out the special holiday collection that features Peppermint Martini, Cranberry Margarita, and Pomegranate Martini, all decked out in seasonal wrapping. With a suggested retail price of $6.99 to $7.99 each, you’ll be ready to mix and mingle in just one jingle. http://www.cocktailrx.com

No matter what party you belong to, this stocking stuffer can keep the good times going – long after the event of any big night. Political party flasks from Wet Bar are a fun (and inoffensive) way to demonstrate your party allegiance. They make a great gift for all your politically minded pals. The stainless steel eight-ounce flask gift set comes with a three-dimensional pewter Democrat or Republican party logo that’s been enhanced with a hint of silver for a brighter finish. It also includes a small one-ounce key chain liquor flask and easy filling funnel. No matter if your politicos hail from red or blue states, the suggested retail price for either set is a reasonable $29.95. http://www.HomeWetBar.com

Some spirits fans love to keep their drinks cool, so they find watering it down with ice is less than desirable. For those diehards, SPARQ Whiskey Stones is a divine invention. These small rocks, created from recycled soapstone, maintain the temperature of a drink without compromising its quality. They are ideal for use with chilling whiskey, bourbon, gin, or any low-volume liquor. Alternatively, they can also be heated to keep any hot cocktails warm and toasty. Just place the stones in the freezer for two hours then add one or two to your beverage. Once out of the freezer, the temperature stays the same for about 30 minutes. When you’re done, just wash and reuse. At a suggested retail price of $24.95, these stones will keep the good times rolling all throughout the holiday season. http://www.sparqhome.com

Looking for a fashion-friendly, easy-to-store coaster/drink holder? Blossom Mini from Spice Ratchet is a versatile gadget that’s got the goods – and makes a great gift for those on the go. This small, anti-scratch silicone selection is flower-shaped for functionality and fabulosity. It can be used indoors or out with hot items or cold; heat resistance is 482 degrees Fahrenheit. You can rest your drink on it or place it around your glass for quick, simple gripping. You can also connect several minis together to create innovative applications. With a retail price of just $7.99, you can stack, flip, and store in no time flat. Colors include grey, yellow, blue, and koi orange. http://www.spiceratchet.com

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