Travel Accessories: Tuckernuck + Blenders Eyewear

Summer’s over but for many, traveling is decidedly not and never will be. If you have a getaway slated for more warm-weather goodness in the foreseeable future, pack these in your bag.

fs/ny Classic Sandal at Tuckernuck

An upscale, soft, slip-in leather sandal is always ideal for traveling, not only for warm weather destinations, but also for padding around elegantly in hotel suites and to indoor spas and pools. The best-selling Exclusive Cognac Leather Alibi Sandals found at Tuckernuck pair well with everything from dresses to ripped jeans to cabana-wear, and are available in navy and white, too. Exclusive to Tuckernuck, they’re ultra-comfy, fit true to size, and impart a dash of casual posh. You can also find heeled sandals appropriate for destination weddings and other formal or semi-formal occasions, as well as clothing, swimwear, jewelry, hats, wedding gifts, toys for tots, sportswear, sleepwear, and much more, including a recipe for a Southside cocktail.
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Blenders Eyewear – Blendz Beauty

Whether you trek to mountains, across beaches, or through the winding cobblestone streets of quaint villages around the globe, if you’re rocking your Blenders Eyewear, then you’re camera-ready. Live life in forward motion with this adaptable eyewear brand that enables you to tailor your taste in eyewear with a wide variety of gorgeous options (and affordable, too). We love the Rose Theater in Black/Rose Gold glasses.

Shop women’s, men’s, and unisex styles in both prescription and sunglasses, or easily combine the two. Find all sports glasses, snow and snowboarding goggles for the upcoming ski season, as well as blue light glasses to put the freeze on blue light, shutting down the headaches, blurry vision, and sleep deprivation that so often come with demanding days spent in front of digital screens. These glasses are made in San Diego, CA.
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