Travel Apparel: The Do It All Cardigan and Theftproof Socks

Regardless of your travel itinerary, these travel essentials will surely help you travel safely and comfortably:

The Do It All Cardigan by MagneticMe

This cardigan is the best cardigan ever. It is soft. It is comfortable. It isn’t bulky or tight-fitting. It is easy on and easy off and the magnetic closures allow it to drape comfortably over your body like a soft, protective cocoon. Manufactured with eco-friendly modal fabric, this machine-washable cardigan is an ideal choice to wear in transit or to pack for use during your next travel adventure.

The Do It All Cardigan has replaced my lightweight jacket as my go-to-choice when I am running errands around town because it works beautifully with just about anything I am wearing. When I don’t feel like carrying a handbag, I simply stash my keys and a compact wallet in one of the cardigan’s handy pockets.

One can wear this stylish cardigan with a dress, shorts, jeans, or trousers. It really is that versatile. Purchase it here.

Pocket Socks: Trouble in paradise? Having your credit card stolen while you are traveling is a traveler’s worst nightmare. That’s why I was thrilled to discover theft-proof socks by Pocket Socks. Aside from featuring a pocket large enough to hold a credit card, cash, keys, or other items, there is a variety of fun and funky styles and basic and sport styles to select from. If you are traveling abroad, Pocket Socks also offers a Passport Security sock with a pocket especially designed to hold a passport.

Check out the eye-catching styles on their website:


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