Travel Magic: Two of the Ultimate Travel Head-Pillows for Support

Anyone who has cursed a floppy, too-short head pillow on a looong flight will appreciate these two sturdy-but-soft memory foam head support pillows when trying to sleep:

The travelrest NEST Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow is a veritable godsend.
Designed to keep your head up in a manner that fits your unique size and shape – thanks to firm-but-malleable memory foam – this NEST pillow delivers the perfect support you seek as you slumber. Great for cars, planes, trains and even private nest naps (if you can manage such a thing), it also comes with a handy protective velcro-snap carrier to attach to your luggage for convenience and cleanliness. This pillow-in-a-bag is your new favorite item if you ever need to sleep while traveling. Find it at in a variety of colors.

The Ostrich Pillow GO is a brilliantly designed travel pillow that wraps around your neck and is adjustable through velcro strips. With a washable cover, memory foam, included travel bag, this feels soft and wonderful on your neck. It has an elegant, beautiful shape (designed by Studio Banana in Madrid, Spain) that fits well for a variety of people of all shapes and sizes and comes in a Midnight Grey color. Read the lavish praise at @ostrichpillow and visit: . Also available at the MoMA Design Store in New York City. Sweet dreams as you travel!
Check out this You Tube video on unboxing the Ostrich Pillow GO:

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Simplicity Gifts

These head pillows have unique designs.


Best product for long trip. Nice Post!


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