Treat Your Feet With Earth Therapeutics

If you know me, then you know how much I love to walk. I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise, since I grew up in Manhattan, where walking culture reigns supreme. As much as I love coming home after a long day of exploring the city, it definitely does wear on the feet, and it’s an important reminder that skincare does not and should not stop at the face. So when I got a hold of some Earth Therapeutics products, I was excited to treat my feet to some long-overdue care.

Here are my faves:

Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray


This Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray by Earth Therapeutics is probably my favorite foot product of all time! It has an amazing peppermint scent, and is the perfect thing to quickly spray on your feet after you get into the shower or before bed. Sometimes I will even spray into my shoes for a nice deodorizing effect.

Order your Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray HERE.

Foot Balm enriched with CBD

Foot massage anyone? Make sure to pack your Foot Balm enriched with CBD from Earth Therapeutics. This nourishing balm moisturizes deep into your skin for feet that are healthier and softer.

Order your Foot Balm enriched with CBD HERE.

Learn more about Earth Therapeutics at

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