Treat Your Skin and Senses with TOCCA’s Sublime Body Oils

Freshly launched, TOCCA’s new Olio Sublime Profumato collection transforms four of their signature perfumes, Florence, Cleopatra, Stella, and Giulietta, into luxurious dry body oils. The formula blends argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and vitamin E, all which nourish your skin, leaving you with a luminous glow.

After trying these oils out for myself, I can confirm this is one surefire way to treat yourself and your senses to a little something special, no matter the occasion. Immediately after a shower or bath, I like to apply a few sprays of the oil to help my skin lock in moisture. The oils absorb quickly and feel lightweight and soft to the touch. You can even extend the length of the fragrance and customize it to your own special scent by applying an additional perfume on top of the oil, which layers beautifully.

Each of the four scents have their own unique feminine character, from bold to delicate, so I’ve jotted down my impressions of each to help you narrow down which you might like most.


Stella is a fun, floral, and bright perfume that upon first application reminds me of orange creamsicles with a soft floral note. It’s warm, vibrant, and perfect for the summer time. Blood orange and Italian citrus gives this body oil a fizzy fresh scent, while white freesia and lily softens it up with some feminine flair. This body oil makes me think of sunsets and summer time, and I can definitely see myself wearing this to the beach or to brunch.

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Florence is a fresh, green body oil that’s reminiscent of walking through a lush flower garden in the springtime. It’s a soft and feminine scent that’s sensual, elegant, and delicate, with soft gardenia notes alongside bright bursts of bergamot and pear. As it continues to wear, the white floral notes continue to soften up and hug your skin, making this an inoffensive scent that I think can be worn for most occasions.

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Cleopatra is a powerful scent that’s more on the dark and mature side. Notes of jasmine, grapefruit, and vanilla musk give this body oil a sharp, soapy scent that’s slightly earthy but definitely attention grabbing and addictive. Over time, the florals and musk soften up a bit, giving it a sensual side that wears great on the skin. While this scent might not be for every occasion, it’s perfect for those days or nights you want to feel confident and sexy.

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Giulietta is an innocent and soft feminine perfume that makes me picture clean white sheets fluttering in the air after a gust of spring wind. It’s fresh and delicate, with distinct notes of green apples and soft tulips taking the center stage, completing this soapy, soft scent. As it wears, you get more hints of soft vanilla orchid coming through, which smells amazing. This body oil wears more close to this skin and would be appropriate for almost any occasion, as it’s more of a subtle, clean scent.

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Interested in learning more about the entire collection? Discover the entire Olio Sublime Profumato collection at TOCCA’s website, or check them out on Instagram!


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