Treat Yourself to a Geneo Facial This Valentine’s Day

Throughout the pandemic, pesky maskne has left me wanting to take care of my skin more than usual. So when I heard about Geneo facials, I wasted no time making an appointment for a Geneo facial with Lindsey Rando, L.E. at The Wellpath by Dr. Jamé Heskett. #Selfcare is essential, folks.

Geneo facials are for people of all ages and skin types, and they are being called the “facials of the future.” There are three types of facials to choose from: Illuminate Facial, Revive Facial, and Balance Facial. I ended up going with the Balance Facial to treat my acne, skin imperfections, and oily skin. This facial is unlike any of the facials from my past, as it uses charcoal to absorb skin pollutants, oil, and dirt, and to gently remove dead skin cells.

The facilities at The Wellpath by Dr. Jamé Heskett were gorgeous, comfortable, and immaculate. All of the staff members were friendly, distanced, and appropriately masked. I met the lovely Lindsey Rando, L.E., the aesthetician who would be administering my facial. We talked briefly about my skincare regimen, and she recommended I incorporate toner and some vitamin c into my routine. Then I just laid back and enjoyed. My Balance Facial was easily the most relaxing facial I’ve had, considering many of the past facials I have received have involved painful extractions. Lindsey and I chatted pleasantly throughout the facial, which felt like was conversing with an old friend.

My skin was instantly glowing at the end of the facial. I put on a clean mask and headed home in high spirits. It’s already been four days since my facial and my active zits have started to clear up. I have to say that it has been nice watching my skin heal from within instead of suffering through unpleasant, tear-inducing extractions.

I look forward to my next Geneo facial.

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