Tribe Tokes: CBD Vapes + Pain Relief Cream to Fix Your Woes

Life is stressful and full of ups and downs – you don’t need to be a philosopher to figure that out. If you do not smoke pot but want to relax and benefit from hemp’s cannabinoids and famed health benefits, try a CBD vape pen instead. It does not get you high, but gives you an appealing drift of relaxation and mental peace that will feel like bliss at the end of a stress-filled day. TribeTokes, a company built by a woman, has a collection of CBD Disposable Vape Pens that are even easier to use than the most others on the market. In mere seconds, you will feel relaxed and renewed.

TribeTokes CBD Disposable Vape Pens do not require any assemblage, charging, a lighter – or anything at all. Simply remove them from the box, inhale from the vape, and relax. It is that easy! All products are third party lab-tested for potency and quality. A simpler option than buying a separate battery and carts, the pod-style dab pen design is smaller than most lighters and fits easily in a pocket or your palm. The stainless-steel core contains a 370 mAh battery that lasts for over a year. Choose your favorite CBD vape oil strain at

If you suffer from sore muscles post-workout, arthritis, or painful joints, spread some of Tribe Tokes‘ powerful CBD Pain Relief Cream – Extra Strength on the affected area. Use for back and shoulder pain, arthritis, strains, bruises, tension, neuropathy or carpal tunnel. This formulation contains nature’s strongest anti-inflammatories (CBD, arnica, wild marjoram, jojoba and aloe), three different cooling agents (menthol, peppermint and wintergreen), and nourishing coconut and eucalyptus oil. The cream melts into the skin and gets to work immediately without leaving a greasy residue, so you can use it on your legs without fear that the product will leak through your garments. Order this super effective relief cream at

Enjoy your CBD! Which ever way you use it, its health benefits are so rewarding.


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