Ultra-Memorable Gifts For Under $100

Need some inspired ideas for people on your list? We have some suggestions:

Yobo Soju’s K Town: Vibrant + Spirited
If you have someone who loves unusual, delectable spirits on your holiday list, then give the gift of K TOWN, Yobo Soju’s flavored line that are a tribute by late nights and early mornings in New York City’s K Town, which is a gathering place for convivial lovers of food, friends, and fun. Yobo Soju’s K Town embodies this spirit with its big, bold, creative flavors that include yuzu + elderflower, Korean pear, perilla + lime, grape + ginger and peach + chili pepper. Designed to be shared this holiday season, the entire suite of K Town 750mL-size bottles are distilled from organic wheat and rice grown in Northern California, surpassing the tastes of the most discerning cocktail enthusiasts. At only 18.0% ABV, this smooth K Town Soju can be consumed neat or chilled, K Town-style, or mixed into your favorite cocktail. It’s thoroughly versatile and tasty.

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Yobo Soju Luxe is artfully distilled in Southern California to create a truly unique soju blended from Northern California grapes, California rice, and organic wheat. Artfulness! This blend delivers the perfect balance between a fragrant floral aroma, a complex and subtle flavor profile, a mellow sweet mouth feel, and a remarkably clean finish.

Peruse Yobo Soju’s cocktail recipes: https://yobosoju.com/cocktails

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American Harvest Organic Vodka = Pure, Smooth Libations
American Harvest organic vodka will definitely please any vodka lover on. your holiday list this year. This brand is reinventing vodka by taking diverse ingredients and freely letting them be what they are as they mingle together in this blend that contains no artificial flavors. From the first seed planted on the farm (you can read about the the farmers on the American Harvest website) to when you lift this pure vodka to your lips, American Harvest Organic Vodka is 100% traceable regarding all of its unadulterated ingredients, bottling, and distilling made in the US in Rigby, Idaho.

Check out their cocktail recipes.

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The Dog Mom Candle for Their Fur Babies
Candier has a plethora of unique-saying candles that will put a smile on your face if not resonate thoroughly, and you’re sure to find something that will speak to your recipient’s soul. If you know anyone with a dog, the Dog Mom candle says it all: “Girl, you’re like a regular mom, but way cooler. And that response you get when you‘re struttin’ down the sidewalk together proves you have, by far, the cutest kid in town.”

The essential oil fragrance is a blend of Orange Blossom, Citrus, Neroli, Fresh Leaves, Jasmine, and Patchouli in 100% natural soy wax; hand-poured in the US, Candier candles are cruelty free and have a 60+ hour burn time. They contain no fillers, carcinogens, parabens, or phthalates, and a portion of Candier sales goes to Girls Inc.

Pick up a candle for mom, such as Who Runs The World? Moms! or the more pointed “Mama Needs A Break.” For your BFF, the Can’t Adult Cereal Candle is sure to bring a smile. Find bracelets, rings and other goodies at the Candier site, too.

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Kat Von D – Children’s Book Author Extraordinaire
We all know someone with children, if we don’t have them ourselves, and nothing could be more memorable and fun this season than giving them Kat Von D‘s artful and sweet debut children’s book, “Leafar and The Magical Treasure Chest.”

Already a revered tattoo artist, vegan fashion designer, entrepreneur, and musical recording artist, Kat Von D now adds children’s book author to her repertoire of talents and accomplishments. This beautifully illustrated keepsake book is full of adventure and heart, and sends a loving message about how children are treasured and appreciated. Publishing house Lumilly is offering it this holiday season, and it’s a book your child will delight in and want to re-read. Ages 2 -8 years.

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Prakti MahaMask – Clean + Pampering Moisture Treatment
Homemade skincare remedies that have been passed down through the generations are the basis for this super-hydrating MahaMask from Prakti, which feels downright indulgent due to its nourishing ingredients, encompassing turmeric butter, coconut oil, carrot seed oil, sunflower seed oil, shea butter, palmarosa oil, indica stem, and amia oil. You or your lucky gift recipient can use twice weekly to achieve glowing, dewy and plumped-up-with-hydration skin. The purest and most trusted Ayurvedic ingredients are combined with innovative modern technology to increase efficacy in this product as well as in their others. Vegan and gluten-ree, and formulated with the highest clean beauty standards. Follow @praktibeauty

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