Unique Spa Products to Pamper & De-Stress in the New Year

Feeling a little stressed? Check out these products for a more relaxing 2002:

Iroha Nature has some great, affordable sheet masks that will revive your face in a flash. I especially like the hydrating sheet masks that come with strips to use on your neck. The Plumping & Ultra-hydrating sheet mask, formulated with Triple Hyaluronic Acid, helps improve fine lines and wrinkles. The Age-defying & Ultra-hydrating sheet mask is made with collagen, niacinamide and allantoin. Your skin will glow and look brighter. Apply these masks to relax, and if you want your skin to glow for a special event, or just to relax and unwind. www.irohanature.us.

The Spongelle Body Wash Collection is a decadent, scented bathing, or shower experience. Formulated with Fision® Hydrate Pro, it moisturizes you with a combination of amino acids, glycerin, and pro-vitamin B5. The body washes have no sulfates, parabens, gluten, or harsh solvents. They come in several scents, including, Bulgarian Rose, Freesia Pear, Papaya Yuzu, and French Lavender. I am obsessed with the French Lavender, which is subtle, but stays with your skin, giving it a hint of perfume. You can bathe or shower with this body wash and smell like you have on perfume, so there is no need to add it afterwards. www.spongelle.com

Ear Seeding may sound confusing, but it is an effortless way to alleviate stress and a variety of other ailments. It is an ancient Chinese Medicine practice, which can also be stylish. This technique involves placing tiny seeds on various parts of the ear, which correspond with parts of the body. The seeds can be crystals or metal, and appear to be a piercing, but are just stuck in place with adhesive.

We spoke with Gudrun Snyder, Doctor of Eastern Medicine, and founder of Moon Rabbit Acupuncture, to get more guidance on Ear Seeding. In Eastern Medicine, the ear is considered a microcosm of the body. Ear Seeding stimulates parts of the body that can help ease stress related symptoms, as well as improve digestion, immunity, and hormone balance. Moon Rabbit Acupuncture has great introductory Ear Seeding Kits that can be purchased on their website. The kits come with the seeds in plain gold metal or crystal, with high grade adhesive on the back, and look like jewelry. www.moonrabbitacupuncture.com.

Before applying the seeds, Gudrun recommends cleaning the ear with an alcohol swab. She also said that people should not be afraid that the seed will fall into their ear. Gudrun recommends trying Ear Seeding for about five consecutive days. “There is such a thing as too much of a good thing,” she said. You can take a day or so off and then apply the seeds again. I noticed that I felt more relaxed when I applied the seed to the area that corresponded with stress. The Ear Seeding kit comes with an instruction card and drawing of an ear with numbers corresponding to stress, detox, hormones, digestion, low back pain, immunity, and neck or shoulder pain. Gudrun said that these are just a few of the areas that can be treated with Ear Seeding.

Calmigo is the perfect way to naturally relieve stress while on the go. It is a small device that helps you to relax by guiding and regulating your breathe to relieve anxiety within minutes. Using the Calmigo device three times a day for three minutes will create a sense of calm throughout the day. It is important to try and use Calmigo as soon as you feel anxious, or before situations that may provoke stress. I found that Calmigo really worked to help me become less anxious when I already felt nervous or even reduce anxiety before potentially stressful situations. I especially like that it comes with a scented lavender option that provides soothing aromatherapy along with the breathing. Calmigo is an ingenious invention that everyone should use regularly and is particularly useful for those who experience anxiety. www.calmigo.com.

The Sculpt Skin Bar Facial Rejuvenation LED Light Therapy Mask is a unique way to improve your skin while relaxing at the same time. The mask is a combination of 113 LED lights, with seven therapeutic light treatments that help to make your skin more radiant by boosting collagen, increasing elasticity, and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and spots. The mask also helps with acne and improves inflammation. The mask is fitted to your face and attached at the back with a velcro strap. You control the light color, type of therapy, and amount of time with a remote control. Just lay back and relax with the mask on while it works. This device is like going to the spa at home any time you want. www.sculptskinbar.com.