Vino: Downton Abbey Claret or Voga Dolce Rosso


Toast with a little of our wine picks — Downton Abbey Claret and VOGA Dolce Rosso are two fine red wines with distinct bouquets and flavors.


For fans of the popular British series, Downton Abbey Wines help to create a night from another era, a time of sophistication and a caste system. I recommend the Claret Bordeaux, which reveals hints of blackberries, raspberries and black currants. This could be paired with a nice steak dinner like New York Strip or pot roast. It could also help spark a little flame in front of the fireplace.

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From Italy with love, VOGA Dolce Rosso offers a chic way to celebrate the day with a sleek bottle and a touch of sweetness. This wine is rich in flavor and full of character and distinctly Italian. I recommend it with a little dessert and a lot of love.

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You’ll find both products at your fine neighborhood wine shop. Salute!

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