Wee Ones Bouncing Off the Walls? Here’s a (Safe) Mini-Trampoline

Are you ripping your hair out because your wee ones need to romp, and you’re forced inside because of the pandemic? Little Tikes comes to the rescue with their miniature, easy-to-store 3-Foot Trampoline, complete with a handrail for safety.

Reasonably priced and sturdy, this is a great holiday gift and a godsend for any parent with children aged 2-5 years old, and parent reviews online will confirm its safety and magic. This is a quick solution when schools are closed and your children have waaaay too much indoor energy. Children can bounce as they watch a video (educational, of course!) or listen to music, diffusing all of their pent-up energy. City parents and parents in smaller places will love that it can be easily stored away when not in use. Available in blue or red, you can find it HERE.


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