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Cottagecore may have had a moment a couple years ago, but I’m still enamored with the slow-life, soft creams, and lacy peek-a-boo details. My dreams can become a reality with RevivALL, an all-woman-owned, sustainable lifestyle brand from Bozeman, Montana. Started by Laura Fisher, she’s been handcrafting clothes from up-cycled cloth for over fifteen years. Her mission is to embrace the Earth and the Divine and to support other creatives. Everything is handmade, small batched, and Mother Nature-approved. All the clothes are made from deadstock fabric, meaning: Revivall gives another life to fabric that would be trashed into landfills from massive produced brands. There’s a beauty and art to recycling what once was waste, to create pieces that women can love forever in their wardrobes. I’ve had the privilege of wearing some stunning pieces from RevivALL these past weeks.

To channel my inner flowing free spirit, the Victorian Lace Blouse In White Horse has sparked that essence. It’s ultra comfortable, the lace is soft as petals, and the silhouette is from a bygone era of romance. I dressed it up with a long velvet skirt (thrifted of course) and a mix of silver-and-gold rings and necklaces. Throw on some red lipstick and I was ready to take on the world of my poetry class and feel my best in this lace blouse. A statement piece for all year long.

Petticoats are having a moment in 2023. The Vintage-Style Cotton Petticoat has found a home in my heart. I style it under dresses for extra warmth and a little flair with the lacy bottom peaking out. Or if I’m feeling dreamy and wild, I wear it as-is and throw a cream turtleneck on, becoming a rustic angel – cozy and snug with my petticoat on.

Alas, sometimes I have to wear jeans and T-shirts to grab groceries or walk my dogs. Doesn’t mean I can’t be fashionable though, and I add a little something with the Noir Calico Belt-Made. This beautiful multi-color belt is made from leather scraps and has a curlicue buckle. I feel like a proper country girl when I wear it. Since I’m on the more petite side, belts can tend to be a bit oversized. Luckily, I can take some of the loops out and readjust to my liking. What can get better than that!? RevivALL is for the old fashioned, tree-huggers, and farm-lovers at heart. And if that’s you, welcome home.


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