Wellness Double Duo: The Patch Brand & Fiji Joe Turmeric

Keep your health in check with these powerful and beneficial products that will ensure you thrive this summer:

The Patch Brand 
Taking your vitamins and supplements just got easier: The Patch Brand has created vitamin-infused patches that you apply to directly to your skin without having to consume anything. If you loathe taking pills, The Patch Brand is perfect for you. For the fast-paced lifestyle, this product is fantastic because instead of carrying clunky vitamin bottles around, the patches are lighter and fit nicely in your purse, desk, or drawer and are travel friendly. With most vitamins you need to take them with food. Not with The Patch Brand, which is another reason why they’re so great. They are also not visible, no matter where you decide to place your patch.

Unlike gummies and pills that only partially absorb into your system, this pure and simple patch alternative releases your vitamins throughout wear. Choose from these fabulous five: Sleep, Energy, Immunity, Stress, and Focus. These are latex-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and water-resistant. Try out the ultimate wellness combination; provide your email, and unlock $5 dollars off on your first order. Get patching! Go to https://thepatchbrand.com/.

Be healthy from within. Hyped as one of the most fundamental spices, the turmeric fixation has not stopped, and Fiji Joe Turmeric is here to prove it, and here to stay. Known as a powerhouse plant scientifically proven to aid in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, turmeric powder improves heart health, supports cancer prevention, and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, depression, and arthritis. Fiji Joe Turmeric is a family-owned brand that produces superior organic turmeric that originates in the mountainous volcanic soil of the Fiji Islands.

What I love about Fiji Joe Turmeric is that you can put this turmeric in any smoothie, dish, or drink and derive a plethora of health benefits. To learn more about Fiji Joe Turmeric and to see their fabulous recipes, visit https://shop.fijijoeturmeric.com/.


Telina Cuppari Senior Staff Writer at Beauty News NYC
Telina Cuppari

Senior Staff Writer

Telina Cuppari is a world explorer who loves people and pizza. Originally from California, Telina speaks three languages and has worked in seven countries and traveled extensively in over 30 nations. She now resides in New Jersey where she holds two Guinness World Records for the Largest Collection of Pizza-Related Items. Her husband was kind enough to let her turn their garage into a pizza museum. Telina received her master’s in Edinburgh, Scotland and after spent three more years in the capital writing for one of the country’s largest newspapers about her failed relationships and dating foreign men. She loves anything beauty related, cooking strange food that’s super healthy, and meeting new people. Telina is the founder of Pizza Kindness. An independent, nonprofit dedicated to spreading kindness throughout the tri-state with pizza-related events and campaigns to support college scholarships and other charitable organizations.