When Cookery Meets Artistry

Bokksu’s Mashikoyaki Donabe Ceramic Rice Cooker is crafted in a pottery style originating in the Edo Period. The Donabe clay rice cooker possesses an earthy rustic look that is warm and inviting. It cooks up to two cups of rice and the outer lid doubles as the perfect serving bowl once the rice is cooked.

If you are used to cooking rice at a fast pace, this rice cooker is a lesson in patience. Treating the pot before using it for the first time is important. Once the pot is treated, you are ready to cook rice.

Using a low flame is mandatory when using this pot. It took roughly about an hour or so to boil water because the flame must be set very low. It is also important to rinse the rice and let it sit for 30 minutes before placing it in the pot. Once the water is at a boiling pot, the rice takes about 20 minutes to cook.

Aside from using this pot to cook rice, it is also a good pot to use to boil eggs or to warm up soup or sauces. The Mashikoyaki Donabe rice cooker is best summed up as a slow cooking method in which a small portion of food is simmered slowly on a low gas burner to infuse the food with flavor.


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