William Murray Golf for Dads + Grads This Summer

William Murray Golf is a distinctive menswear and golf clothing line for men who don’t want to be boring on the links or in life. The brand fuses original design with classic fits and superb tailoring and the result is refreshing.


Serious Business Performance Blazer

This goes-with-everything blazer has summer seersucker energy on the outside (especially in Mint green and Tartan plaid), with an impressively formal interior lining on the inside. The Serious Business Performance Blazer is a statement piece, and in Navy it especially wields some sartorial girth. It has Charleston gentleman holding an Old Fashioned kind of vibe in Mint and Tartan, and in Navy it’s an “I will buy this building” statement piece.

The Murray brothers are all about flexibility: dressing up with the ability to dress down for fun when necessary, too. So this jacket is made with cuffs that are easy to roll up when you want to keep the look loose and casual. You never know when you’ll stumble upon a clam bake, for example. It’s remarkably lightweight, and has moisture wicking material, a two-way stretch shell and four-way stretch lining. Choose your favorite hue or opt for all three to cover your bases.

Corner Pocket Polo

William Murray is officially in the cotton Polo shirt game with the Corner Pocket collection. This yarn-dyed heather design is bright, lightweight, and made for lounging comfortably both on and off the golf course. Its four-button front and a subtle left-chest pocket sports a new WM embroidery, and this new Corner Pocket pattern is so beloved that Bill Murray happily dons it himself.


Gopher All Over Polo

The whimsical Gopher All Over Polo features Carl Spackler’s infamous enemy doing what he does best: sneaking around with dynamite, drinking on the job, stealing golf balls, and testing out the grass. This Bushwood-inspired print is full of surprises the closer you look at it. A part of the Southern Collection, all Caddyshack fans will thrill to this design. Even if you’ve never seen Caddyshack (you should remedy that), this is a Polo guaranteed to please. Available here in green and navy.

Scotch Blend Polo

The Scotch Blend Polo is rife with Scotty Dogs and a classic Scotch on the Rocks cocktail. In case it was lost in translation, this origami-inspired design fuses the Murray’s Scottish heritage with one of the family’s favorite pets growing up. The Scotch Blend Polo for men is available in Men’s Polos (in Custard Yellow, Navy, and light Glacier Blue). You can also find this patterns in button-down shirts and pants, and also for women in a Polo shirt, Polo Dress, and a Louise Skirt for tennis and other summer sports and outings.
All Polo shirts are between $78 – $88 and the Serious Business Performance Blazer is $225. Shop HERE.

Bill Murray and his brothers:


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