The Wines of Spring


What better way to celebrate spring than by uncorking an excellent wine or port? To that end, we have some superb recommendations:

Napa-based Spelletich Winery is family owned and has been providing exquisite wines for more than twenty years. The vineyard’s 2012 3 Spells Rose is ideal for springtime, and their 2005 SPELLPORT is a treat for all seasons. Spelletich is united by four brands: Spelletich Cellars, SPELLwine, 3 SPELLS and Prix Fixe. Order by the case at and toast this label’s winemaking integrity.

Faust is a wine whose name was inspired by the poet Goethe’s tale of Dr. Faust, who bargained his soul for youth yet ultimately his soul was redeemed by love. Clearly the passion and craftsmanship that went in to making this fine wine equals that of Goethe’s talent. Faust is a tribute to Napa Valley’s noblest grape: the Cabernet Sauvignon. Complex, layered, aromatic and aged with care, this is a wine that tastes like a liquid tribute to love. Read more at

The Ruffino label’s acclaimed Super Tuscan wine, Modus (the Latin word for “the method” or “the way”) is a robust wine that blends the tradition and elegance of Sangiovese, the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and the smoothness of Merlot. Because of its full body, this wine from Italy’s lauded Tuscan region pairs well with steak, pasta Bolognese and aged cheese — but it’s delightful on its own too. It offers hints of spice, tobacco, cherries, strawberries, plum and a long, delectable vanilla finish. Savor this fruit of the Tuscan soil yourself! Visit — and note that Ruffino has been creating fine wine since 1877.

Josh Cellars boasts five high quality and affordable varietals and is adding a new one to its roster this spring. It’s also a deeply philanthropic label, generously donating proceeds to The Gary Sinise Foundation and Operation Homefront, so these wines offer it all: quality, great taste, reasonable prices and a giving heart.

The Uproot Wine label in Napa is a new start-up created by friends (traditionally, wine and friendship go together quite well!) who believe the best ingredients and methods create the best and most creative wines. Their 2013 Sauvignon Blanc is superb and a Rose is forthcoming at the end of April/beginning of May. The Uproot Cabernet, released in February, is a thing of beauty in itself with notes of raspberry, blackberry and complex notes of dark chocolate and tobacco. Find more to tempt you at

They say that love comes in at the eyes and wine comes in at the lips, so put someone you love in sight and enjoy a glass of wine. A votre santé!

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