Yoga Bliss

I’ve been getting into yoga over the past year, which is incredible. What isn’t incredible is the wear and tear of my old yoga mat that my sister gifted me (it was a Black Friday deal about five years ago). I decided it’s time for an upgrade and that’s when I discovered Yune Yoga. I snagged their eco-friendly Ascend Yoga Mat Elan Mat in this gorgeous pink tie-dye style. The sizing is roomy coming in at 24″x72″x1/4.” I’m only 5-feet tall, but I still have ample space to stretch and move through my flow. The mat’s materials are PER, free from phthalate and latex, and have a grippy bottom so no slipping or sliding while in handstand. After I wipe it down with some water and mild soap, my mat is as beautiful as ever.

When my sweat drips everywhere, I reach for my Yoga Towel Jagger. This towel fits exactly under my Ascend Yoga Mat Elan Mat, so no fumbling with keeping it in place, thanks to the grips on the underside. Made from microfibers it’s soft-to-the-touch and lightweight. Ideal for at home or at the studio (if you’re tired of carrying your mat to-and-fro). Just place it down on the mat and get to cobra pose in seconds. Best part: the towel is machine washable for easy maintenance. Yune Yoga is the perfect addition to any yogi’s life!


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