Your New Eco-Conscious Underarm Addiction

If you read our site, you already know our writers have raved about the charcoal and magnesium rich formula of Cleo + Coco deodorant. Now the brand has launched a new product that gives us yet another reason to love them—a natural deodorant bar, gloriously free of any plastic packaging.

Anyone who’s dabbled in natural deodorant (looking at you, jars of paste) knows taking the plastic stick applicator out of the equation can be messy business. I’m not personally a fan of slathering on my deodorant with my fingers. Cleo + Coco’s solution is genius—they take a stick of deodorant and dip it in wax, which gives you something to hold onto while you apply and easily peels back as you use up your stick.

I can’t say enough about the formula itself. It’s already made with sustainably sourced and eco-conscious ingredients, and I’ve tried a ton of different natural deodorants over the years and have never experienced one that felt so dry upon application, glided so smoothly (with no bumps in the stick) or provided such wetness free, sweet-smelling protection. Each bar comes in a reusable organic cotton drawstring bag to keep it clean and is nestled in a pretty paperboard tube. Some might question the “zero waste” part there—but technically you can reuse that too, and hey, it’s not plastic.

While my bar did end up breaking while I applied one day (right at the seam where the wax ends) it was kind of no biggie, because I could just smoosh it back together and keep on keeping on. Because it’s made with nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter, it’s naturally going to soften when the weather gets warm, and I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to me.

I loved the Lavender Vanilla scent they sent me – it’s pleasantly strong, something you definitely need to look for in a natural deodorant at this time of year. (But keep that in mind so you don’t clash with whatever fragrance you’re wearing…or just skip one all together.) Though baking soda doesn’t bother me, I can’t wait to try the Blue Tansy option next—that zero waste bar is made for those who react to sodium bicarbonate.

Cleo + Coco Deodorant Bar, Zero Waste — $18

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