6 Best Romantic Fragrances

When the occasion calls for love and romance, the perfect fragrance makes the time spent together even more intense. These suggestions of floral, spicy, sweet, and gourmand scents will most certainly add to the magic of the moment.

If you want to get lost in love, apply some lostinflowers perfume by Strangelove NYC to your skin first. This over the top bouquet was created by multi award winning master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel with brand founder Elizabeth Gaynes and creative director Helena Christensen. (yes, that one) According to this dream team, lostinflowers “evokes the thrill of new love, capturing that electric moment of discovery when two destined wanderers finally collide, lost in time, lost in romance, lostinflowers”. This perfume is like falling into a huge bouquet of the ripest flowers ever but with a hint of something else, less typically fresh than a bouquet. There’s jasmine, champaca, gardenia enfleurage (real enfleurage) , along with saffron for a twist, and a touch of oud to create complexity. I find this perfume intoxicating and can’t stop smelling my wrist as I write this. The heady combination is seductive and long lasting and compares to nothing else. There’s a very high concentration of oils, so a small drop goes a long way, and it will evolve on your skin over the hours. Choose from either eau de parfum or pure oil formulations.

Available: StrangeloveNYC and Bergdorf Goodman, 5th Ave, NYC

Nitro Noir by Kierin
Kierin NYC Perfumes is an exciting new indie fragrance brand dedicated to being sustainable and responsible, but by no means loses its edgy swagger along the way. Inspired by New York City, Nitro Noir eau de Parfum has all the components of what makes NYC nights so special and sexy – think art galleries, downtown vibes and late night rendezvous’. Kieran describes the olfactive blend as a chypre-floral-gourmand with key notes of bergamot, pink berries, patchouli, and orris. Created by perfumer Mathieu Nardin, it’s beautifully spicy, easy to love and you’ll want to wear it often. Just as NYers jam pack everything into their lives, Nitro Noir jam packs a 20% concentration of the “juice” into their blend…which is quite high. It definitely has a naughty night-into-day reverse twist on the phrase.

Available: Kierin

Tuberosa by Cultus Artem
For some, a romantic fragrance means Tuberose, and Tuberosa by Cultus Artem, doesn’t disappoint. It’s a beautiful tuberose to the max. The bottle itself is romantic and irresistible – the deep garnet glass with curry colored silk threads makes you want to hold it and not put it down. Inside, is a beautiful resinous blend of Indian tuberose, gardenia, bergamot, apricot, clove, balsam, benzoin and sandalwood which are created only from fragrance oils, distilled water and perfumery alcohol. Brand owner and perfumer Holly Tupper says it’s “Reckless delirium in a bottle”. Perfect! Don’t we all want some reckless delirium on a romantic night?

Available: Cultus Artem and Bergdorf Goodman, 5th Ave

Lince by Tiziana Terenzi
Italian based Tiziana Terenzi Perfumes has a multi generational past, and is owned by perfumer Paolo Terenzi and his sister Tiziana Terenzi who is the creative director. Together, they’ve created many elegant, beautifully constructed and sophisticated perfumes. Lince Extrait de Parfum, one of my favorites, is created for both women and men to wear. While I fully support the notion that if it smells good on you, wear it and don’t concern yourself with which gender the marketers deem it for, though I do think that Lince will probably be worn by more women than men. I would categorize Lince as an Oriental spice. It opens with notes of bergamot, grapefruit and green tea which pretty quickly fade into addictive and cuddly soft florals such as jasmine, fig, iris and Bulgarian rose. These heart notes stay around a long time before moving into sandalwood, heliotrope, musk, vanilla bean and beautiful vanilla flower. Lince Perfume has an excellent sillage and it long wearing.

Available: Neiman Marcus

Comme une Fleur by Roos & Roos
No one knows how to create romance like the French, and Comme une Fleur by the Parisian mother daughter team of Roos & Roos will surely delight. So bring on the sexay! Chantal Roos, well known in the perfume world, made her mark with Opium by YSL and went on to work with Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Tom Ford on their perfumes. With her award winning musician daughter, Alexandra Roos, the talented duo teamed up with perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, a native of Grasse, to create many of the Roos & Roos perfumes. Comme une Fleur, which translates to “like a flower” is a heat-up-the-boudoir woody floral perfume that screams pure pleasure to both the wearer and the person fortunate enough to share it in those intimate moments. It opens with petit grain and orange blossom, but soon goes into a long lasting Kashmir wood base with patchouli and ambergris. Note to patchouli haters – you can’t not love this one. The creamy woods and ambergris will surely get you through the night with pleasure.

Available: Roos & Roos Fragrances

Love Potion 1 by Ode Paris
If you’re anticipating a romantic evening, then what’s better than a love potion? Ode Paris has created four lovely perfume potions. Our favorite, Love Potion 1 opens with pink pepper, orange blossom and pear and then moves into white jasmine and almond with a hint of licorice. It doesn’t lose its soft feminine vibe, and remains sweet and creamy with a dry down of soft woods and vanilla. It has a moderate sillage and is easy to wear.

Available: Lord & Taylor

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