Adding Sparkle to New Year’s Eve with Champagne Fragrances


Emerald green bottles suddenly explode in the sky like fireworks, releasing golden, sparkling wine that lands on the twinkling flutes of thirsty guests-it’s New Year’s Eve and France’s greatest import (no, not lingerie), is leading the festivities. As we say au revoir to 2011, it’s time that we begin embracing the new and shake things up in the fragrance department. This December 31st, don’t just wear your usual signature scent. Instead, make heads turn with some champagne-inspired perfumes, which are certain to leave everyone yearning for a whiff or two. Several have been introduced since Yves Saint Laurent’s Champagne from the early 90‘s (since renamed YSL Yvresse), so those seeking to celebrate in style have options aplenty when it comes to making an entrance in a champagne-inspired aroma. Be prepared to have everyone toasting to you!

New Year’s Eve dazzles with glittering lights from posh soirees, cozy get-togethers, or even romantic dinners for two, but it’s the hope and anticipation of what’s to come that truly stands out during the night. When you’re set to celebrate for hours on end, it’s crucial to wear a powerful perfume that’ll last as long as you. One scent that’s bold enough to do just that is Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey Eau de Parfum Gold Absolute, a festive “symphony of scent” created by world-renowned perfumer Olivier Cresp. Inspired by the holiday season, Cresp’s take on the festivities is nothing short of luxurious and downright delicious. Top notes reveal candied apricot, slowly leading to sharp, blossoming lotus, toning down its sweetness with a water note. Just when you believe Gold Absolute may be too beachy for winter, it transforms into a warm, comforting union of jasmine and lily, exciting the senses like a midnight kiss. Best of all, its chic gold bottle is reminiscent of a champagne flute.
Available at Macy’s.

When Fresh co-founder Alina Roytberg visited the historic vineyards in Reims, France’s Champagne region, she didn’t realize how much those woodsy, generations-old cellars, twinkling glass bottles, and grapes bursting with sun-soaked nectar would inspired her new fragrance. The result from her journey is Citron de Vigne, a unisex scent paying tribute to the crisp taste of France’s most popular wine, one that’s certain to leave both ladies and gents thirsty for more. Citron de Vigne opens with unexpected citrus, like freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice with sugar sprinkled on top. Yet, it’s only the golden wrapper of this fine wine. Citron de Vigne reveals a luscious blend of rose, spicy bergamot, dark almond, and musk, capturing the woodsy aroma of oak barrels stained with pinot noir. Like a prized bottle, you’ll treasure Citron de Vigne for years to come.
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You’re rushing to that glitzy bash and 11:30PM is glaring from your watch, but you just don’t feel refreshed enough to welcome 2012 in style. Don’t fret-simply head to your local drugstore and snag a bottle of Demeter’s sparkling Champagne Brut. Like all of the scents from the Long Island-based company’s growing collection, this bubbly number’s name implies exactly what shoppers should expect. Inspired by premier sparkling wine brand Don Perignon, Champagne Brut instantly pops with ripe white grapes that would melt in one’s mouth. It may be named after the dry quality of wine, but Champagne Brut is sweet, light, and delicate-perfect for last-minute spritzes before the ball drops. This year, look for Champagne Brut in the form of perfume oil, featuring a bottle that easily fits in the tiniest clutches.
Available at Duane Reade and

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