Ali Fedotowsky and Curve Sport Talk Pairings


Ali Fedotowsky was in the west village last week hosting a trivia event for Curve Sport at Tortilla Flats, one block east of the Jane Hotel. The evening was all about “pairings.” The word is so muse-ful, so Ali Fedotowsky from The Bachelorette showed up with the dating spin, and the creative sanctum of Trivia NYC shook out every pairing possible — 80’s duos, bevy’s, chemistry elements, historical references, movies, pop music and culture — for an evening inspired by margaritas and Mexican fare.

The launch was introduced with a quick reference on the new changes in Sport. It has a slightly more aromatic lift with bergamot coinciding with an earthier base of vetiver, sandalwood, tobacco, and moss. The vitiver is most apparent as the fragrance tones down.


Knowing ahead of time there would be pop culture trivia and prizes, I brought my girlfriend as a secret decoder ring to slip me answers under the table. We were instructed to make friends, and we sat in a booth with two other journalists attending the event. But before the games began, I squeezed in some Ali Fedotowsky time. After she left the sixth season of The Bachelorette (2010) and broke off the engagement with Roberto Martinez, the television personality was a host on NBC’s “1st Look” and E! News and has recently tied the knot with radio and television personality, Kevin Manno who also made an appearance. I canvassed a selfie before telling her I brought my girlfriend to help out, and she said, “So she’s the brains, huh?” “In this case,” I said, but I meant always.


Ali was accommodating and approachable, donning a sombrero and clubbing a Curve-inata, to buoyant host, to interactive social-rounder throughout the evening. She corked the event before handing the mic off to Tony Hightower, former contestant and winner of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Jeopardy!, and Cash Cab and host and writer of Trivia NYC holding title for NYC’s longest performing live trivia. Every table formed a name (ours was Sporty Spices, not bad) to cut wits over four rounds of trivia. After another pitcher of margaritas arrived, the Sporty Spices took the first round prize with a perfect score (I contributed a lot because this round wasn’t loaded with pop culture).


In between the second setup, we grabbed Ali’s attention. We inquired about why she broke off the engagement and she intimated in so many words that she knew it wasn’t going to work. I then told her that my girlfriend and I have been a thing for seven years. She dragged out her “why haven’t you put a ring on it” look for some time. The only retort I could give was that it’s already a marriage without the paperwork — said with candy hearts inside of course, but I made the look worse and to hide under the table with a piece of enchilada on the floor.

For my lack of chivalry, our group’s trivial pursuit was serious. We missed only one answer for all four rounds as crowning grand champions. One of the gifts was a complementary Soul Cycle pass, so I can spin away all the grazing I did for greener pastures. I’ll soon be thinner and smell better thanks to Curve Sport.

On our way out, Ali reminded us about that ring. Don’t worry Ali, her birthstone is a diamond. That’s a pairing I’ll never forget.

Curve Sport can be purchased at Walmart and Curve Fragrances.

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