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If any actress, model, fashion designer or rap mogul can label a fragrance, why not put your own name on a bottle of parfume?

Scenterprises presents something unique and wonderful for fragrance lovers: The Perfume Studio Seminar. Designed as a celebration of the senses, the Perfume Studio’s seminar is an intimate gathering for those who want to design their own distinctive, personal fragrance. Wine and sense-enhancing appetizers, like wasabi peas, circulated as I partook in a fragrance workshop. Much like a sommelier, fragrance expert Sue Phillips led on us on a guided olfactory tour explaining the differences between fresh greens, moss, white flowers, musk, rose, spices, fruits, leather, and other various memory jolting scents.

Guests are taken on a fragrance journey as they’re presented with 18 different blends, each created by a renowned perfumer. We are asked to create a signature fragrance from one or more of these exquisite blends. Once the favorites are chosen, the fragrance is created immediately, then bottled in the purse spray of choice.

There were three of us at the Perfume Studio party that night, and it was interesting to see how our tastes varied. Since each guest chose the most pleasing scents individually– there’s often no explaining why one person likes rose but not gardenia — we ended up with a collection of unique perfumes.

My fragrance was a mixture of citrus, balsamic and herbal notes, with an emphasis on the herbal and balsamic. It smells far more floral than I would have imagined — comes on strong, but softens into a lovely and subtle accord.

No fragrance creation is complete without a unique name, mine was simply Taylor Blend (as a copywriter, I’m embarrassed to admit that it is so straightforward). Surely, the fragrance merited a more fitting name to match the complexity. My advice? Brainstorm a few clever names for your fragrant creation before embarking on this journey.

I am tempted to return again and create signature blends suitable for all the occasions and seasons in my life. It makes sense to invest in something you know you will love (you’ve created it, after all). The best part is that when you’re complimented on the perfume, you can truly accept the credit.

Once you’ve created your own fragrance, you’ll never settle for anything less than exactly what you desire.

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