BN Fragrance: The Bliss of Lavender

Lavender, with its uniquely soft, trance-inducing and clean scent, seems well matched for February’s emphasis on the sweet. Here are two ethereal, outstanding lavender fragrances that will tug gently on your heart strings.

Santa Maria Novella’s Imperial Lavender is the Queen of pure lavender fragrances, and so delectable that you’ll want to envelope yourself in it and send yourself to heaven. Light and slightly peppery, it’s quite a regal olfactory calling card, and its bottle is reminiscent of classic Florentine beauty. It even warranted a mention in a recent Gossip Girl episode; the contrite character Louis arrives to apologize and says “I come bearing gifts… every perfume Santa Maria Novella has to offer. Feel free to bash the Imperial Lavender over my head if you like.” This is the fragrance you choose when you need to change minds and melt hearts! Visit to find Imperial Lavender and many other exquisite Santa Maria Novella products.

Sponge Lavender (or Aromatotherapia Levanta) not only imparts a chemical-free fragrant cloud of lavender — it’s also an aromatic, nourishing mist of relaxation. Available at Barney’s New York, Sponge is eco-friendly, calming, and infused with lavender, olive leaf, and other high quality certified organic plants and herb extracts. It’s made in Greece, which is so fitting, because it delights like a gift from the Gods. Find it at and revel in its lavender perfection.

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