Celebrity Wives Make Scents

What do Dustin Hoffman and Rolling Stone Ron Wood have in common?

Spouses with fragrance and skin care lines. Lisa Hoffman’s eponymous line is remarkably extensive and includes various fragrance products that are tailored to time of day, and Jo Wood features organic natural ingredients in the Jo Woods Organics line that are infused with sandalwood, cedarwood and other aromatic spices. Here’s a rundown on fragrant star offerings from this celebrity spouse duo.

Lisa Hoffman’s beautifully packaged sets of roll on fragrance are perfect for purse or travel, and are delicate enough to wear around the clock; in fact, the sets are designed so that you use the roll-ons at varying times and adjust the potency of the fragrance. This award-winning line is crafted with the most potent botanical extracts available, and is a dream come true for traveling women or those with hectic lifestyles.

All of Hoffman’s product lines, including the skincare line, are versatile. “I created my line so…it was not only made from the finest ingredients but was also highly portable and organized,” she explains, “and most importantly, could move with me from day to night.”

Hoffman’s magnificent fragrances come in French Clary Sage, Madagascar Orchid and Japanese Agarwood fine fragrance oils to lift your spirits throughout the day.

Peruse the line at Bergdorf Goodman or http://www.LisaHoffmanskincare.com.

The high-quality Jo Wood Organic products are so gorgeously packaged that you’ll be tempted to keep the empty bottles, and they’re delicately fragranced, but what is best about them is that they’re organic and devoid of harsh chemicals. Following strict ECOCERT guidelines, each of Jo Wood’s organic, eco-friendly oils was extracted from a sustainable source of ingredients using a method that does not involve solvents.

The sweet Amka is a delicious blend; Amka means ‘to wake’ in Swahili has a sweet core of Iranian rose otto and Egyptian jasmine with sparkling top notes of neroli and bergamot. Fresh green mandarin and orange blossom fused with cedarwood add a soft, spicy layer

Usiku means ‘night’ in Swahili, and is an earthbound scent, warm and sensual with a hint of sophistication suitable for women or men. The top notes are rosemary and pine needle with a hint of cardamom and hot ginger, and the heart is a mixture of coriander, clove, Moroccan cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver and a natural, powdery vanillin produced by the fermentation process, allowed under ECOCERT certification. Find these fragrances at http://www.NeimanMarcus.com.

It’s refreshing that celebrity spouses are not solely sunning themselves in St. Barths, and in these two cases, it’s also fortuitous for fragrance lovers.

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