Comptoir Sud Pacifique: A Fragrance Paradise By Way of Paris


All notions of tropical paradise include fragrance: the smell of clean water as the wind sprays it on your face from the ocean, the hopelessly lush scent of tropical flowers, the fresh green grasses, leaves and overripe trees, and the scent of sweet coconut and thirst-quenching fruits. It’s not surprising that we can indulge ourselves in these scents thanks to the Paris-based perfumier, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, as the French seem to know a thing or two about fragrance.

It has been more than thirty years since Comptoir Sud Pacifique was founded, and with every passing year, the fragrance line grows more delectable. The pairing of the sweet with the fragrant, the spicy with the delicate, and the unexpected are all hallmarks of this unique line. Both exotic and elegant, the Comptoir Sud Pacifique fragrances can be mixed and matched to taste to create your own signature version of olfactory paradise.

Comptoir Sud’ Pacifique’s latest offering is Vanille Pineapple, a balanced confection so perfectly divine that you’ll want to lick yourself. Fruity scents tend to make some people queasy, myself included–especially when paired with sweet or musky, but this is something very different. Neither too sweet nor too fruity, this achieves what seems impossible: a fruity, sweet fragrance that is somehow elegant and subtle and distinctive. Frangipani flower, cinnamon, cocnut milk, vanilla sugar, passionfruit and musk blend well together–you [i]must[/i] try it.

The dreamlike range of this amazing line encompasses six categories: rain forest, spice route, exotic fruits, tropical garden, sun waters and island vanilla. Bois De Filao is reminiscent of a peaceful lagoon surrounded by fragrant Filao trees, spicy patchouli, fresh citrus and papyrus resin. Vanille Cannell blends red hot cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar in a cloud of frothy, mellow vanilla. Vanille-Abricot is an uplifting mix of apricot, jackfruit, papaya pulp, vanilla and sugar. Some of the other vanila-based fragrances are Vanille-Extreme, Vanille-Peach, Vanille-Coco, Vanille-Mohka, Vanille-Banan, and Vanille-Passion. Other offerings from paradise include Fleurs des Caraibes, Kumquat Alhambr (a mixture of savory and sweet), Sultan Safran, Ecume De The and Barbier Des Isles. Check out for a more complete listing and more information.

This line is also available at Aedes des Venusta, Sephora, and, as well as other fine stores and boutiques.

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