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“In a way, scents and perfumes are like food”, says Sue Phillips, president of Scenterprises Ltd, a global fragrance consultancy. During the winter months, we indulge in warm, robust, comfort dishes just as much as we appreciate the heavier, evocative scents like musk and ylang-ylang. Spring, on the other hand, is all about lighter fruity, herbal notes (like a salad). We’ve done the legwork to bring you delectable perfume-fare for this season.

If you like Bubble Tea, you’ll love JUARA Tiare Jasmine Tea Perfume Oil

“This year it’s all about green – being green, wearing notes that are green, and evoking invigorating, crisp, and natural ingredients,” says Phillips. The exotic JUARA Tiare Jasmine Tea Perfume Oil fits the bill. This roller ball fragrance blends young jasmine tea blossoms with vanilla, bamboo and palm fronds for a delicate, fresh scent. Its flowery essence comes from magnolia petals and tiare flower. Even though JUARA absorbs quickly, no need to worry about harmful chemicals, as the formula is void of alcohol, parabens or artificial colorants. Plus, the vegetable oil won’t irritate the skin. The perfume oil comes in a 0.3 fl oz container, so you’ll have it on hand. Always.

Available at,, and

If you like vanilla ice cream, you’ll love Lavanila Laboratories Vanilla Lavender

Ice, Ice baby! Tum-du-dumdum! (Ahem) Anyway… Lavanila Laboratories Vanilla Lavender is one of those fragrances that will keep you sniffing your wrists all day long, because it smells that good. Your addiction may come from the simple twist of violet leaf, lavender, rose and Madagascar vanilla pure essential oils. Light and 100% natural, Lavanila newest scent feels as if the spring breeze is kissing you, ever so softly.

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If you like a tropical cocktail, you’ll love Escada Ocean Lounge

Kick start Spring Break with Escada Ocean Lounge – a kaleidoscope of strawberry, Kakadu plum, and Anjou pear nectar. Lusciously sweet, the eau de toilette envelops ones senses with warmth and relaxation (close your eyes and you’re on a pink beach in the Caribbean). The fruity notes are balanced by violet petal, mimosa blossom, Davana flowers, and teak wood. Can you hear the bongo drums, now?

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If you like fruit salad, you’ll love Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited

The bottle alone should be reason enough to get your hands on Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited. All your other perfume bottles will be jealous. As will your friends, once you spray it on. The medley of Calabrian lemon, mandarin orange, juicy pear, and guava transform into a sweet, yet crisps aroma. Don’t worry, you won’t actually smell like a fruit salad. A bouquet of violets, aloe and spicy Casablanca lilies adds just the right amount of flowery balance.

Available at and Diesel boutiques

If you like smoothies, you’ll love Creed Spring Flower

This classic perfume, appropriately named Spring Flower, was worn by the silver-screen darling Audrey Hepburn. Like the actress, the Creed scent is legendary. The blend of peach, melon, apple, jasmine and rose creates an elixir of femininity and spirit. A spray or two will make even the shyest fleur bloom.

Available at and select Saks Fifth Avenue stores

If you like cobbler, you’ll love Prelude to Love by Kilian

“Citrus notes are indicative of springtime,” says Phillips. “Bouquets of citrus fruits evoke an uplifting, easygoing, freshness.” The unique Prelude to Love by Kilian offers a dominant scent filled with pink pepper berries, orange blossom, ginger, bergamot and Italian lemon oil. Like a heroine who’s ready to fall in love, Prelude is not for fainthearted.

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