Derek Lam’s 10 Crosby: Fragrance, Film & Soho


The fragrance you choose, you choose for a reason. It speaks to you. It tells you a story, and when you wear it, it begins to create memories of people, places and moments. It lingers in the memory. You can open a bottle of an old favorite, and chances are you remember when and where you wore it.

Derek Lam has taken that idea to the next level with his 2016 fragrance and film collaboration 10 Crosby. There are ten different scents, every one inspired by a different woman and one iconic street in New York’s Soho. Each one is also brought thoughtfully to life in film which allows us to explore the associations and responses we have to fragrance. The street, architecture, people, and weather all contribute to the essence of each aptly named creation.

2am Kiss smells of late night bars, soft red lipstick, wet cobblestones and cool glass — or if you prefer the website description “salty caramel wrapped in a rich crystallized amber.”

Rain Day takes drenching rainfall and weaves it into breakups, confusions and fresh beginnings all inside a steamy NY taxicab, underscored by” Notes of tropical Haitian vetiver and citrusy neroli Tunisse.”

Ellipses conjures up delicious food, stolen kisses and the beginnings of romance with its “warm sandalwood and jasmine.”

Hi–Fi is a velvety head rush of pavement cafes, passing strangers, and finding what you’re looking for… “Notes of pink peony flirt with stylish French narcisse.”

There’s a narrative in every single bottle but there’s also room to create your own character in these city story lines. Do me a favor: walk into a Sephora store, stand before them all, take a deep breath, and immerse yourself in each and every one of these intoxicating sensory adventures — then write your own happy ending. Find them at

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