Dream of Spring with Three Fresh Fragrances

You may still be bundled up in never-ending layers, along with a coat that may feel like second skin by now, but there’s hope that spring will soon be here to stay-for a few months, anyway.

Every now and then, Mother Nature makes a burlesque dance, teasing us with sudden heat waves of welcoming 60 degrees, suddenly taking our pleasures away and instead, shoving snow storms and frigid temperatures in our direction. March is known for being the month of unpredictable weather, but it’s also the time when one can begin dreaming of fresh flowers, lasting sunshine, and yes, less layers.

To keep us in the spirit, we’ve discovered three fresh, lush springtime scents that aren’t typical flowers. Instead, this trio offers noteworthy green ingredients, like freshly cut grass, cool winds, and of course, plenty of sunshine. Read on to find out which will become your new signature fragrance:

For sudden drops of temperature, a heady, lasting fragrance is in order to out beat menacing winds, all while keeping us hopeful that those sun soaked days of spring will soon come. For chilly days and evenings, your go-to should be Allegria from luxurious cosmetics brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge, which takes inspiration from enchanting, lush gardens of your favorite fairy tales. This perfume is the perfect scent for those ready to explore just how sensual fresh, dewy grass can really smell. The aroma opens up with a citrus melody of spicy bergamot, sour orange, and grapefruit, quickly transformation into refreshing mint, black currant, and eucalyptus, filling it with loads of zest that’s faintly sweet on the nose, all while having the ability to last from day to night. Allegria slowly, but surely, becomes golden amber, Tonka bean, and cedar wood, a creamy, mouthwatering ending that’s as comforting as embracing your favorite sweater. For us, in particular, it’s like warming up against the sun’s rays while lying on a blanket of soft leaves caressing our skin.

Available at Kristie Streicher Beauty Bar at Warren-Tricomi Plaza Hotel 1 West 58th Street NY, NY 10019 and http://www.en.rougebunnyrouge.com.

Don’t be fooled by Tocca’s latest creation promising sweltering beaches and pearl white sands. Yes, the renowned fragrance house is already thinking about summer with their newest effort, Simone, but rest assure, there’s loads of sunshine and blooming greens to be found here, perfect for brightening up those dreary evenings. Unlike their previous scents, Tocca’s Simone is labeled as a “tomboy” fragrance because there’s zero candy or flowering feminine buds to be found here. Instead, it bursts open with crisp, crunchy apples ready to be picked from towering trees, ripe, juicy watermelons, and a squeeze of lemon. Sounds too fruity and typical for a contemporary scent? Don’t fret-Simone quickly transforms into the first flowers of the heavenly season, including sun worshipping frangipani, reminiscent of strolls by the aquamarine sea, powdery rose petals, and golden ylang ylang to warm up the senses. Finally, Simone reaches its rustic roots with soft blonde wood, reminiscent of that delicious scent of your beau after he just stepped out of the shower, along with luscious musk, and warming amber. Simone is ideal for transitioning from winter to spring-and beyond!

Available at Sephora stores and http://www.Tocca.com.

We get it, not every lady is wooed by flowers, but let’s be real here, no springtime would be complete without a garden blooming with them. Our favorite for this season is Roses De Chloe by luxe beauty house Chloe, a perfume that may sound like a one-noter, but has a slew of captivating offerings perfect to shoo winter away. Picture yourself taking a stroll down a Parisian rose garden, where zesty bergamot makes grand entrances, developing into bitter tarragon for much-needed heat. While it does become a romantic, feminine ode to roses, it does also feature a hint of cedar, creating an enchanting forest filled with flowers, just waiting for you to explore. This isn’t your grandmother’s rose fragrance. Rather, it’s one every woman may want to steal from you.

Available at Barney’s.

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