Embrace the Day with Majenty Fragrant Perfume Oils

For women on the go it’s tricky to find a perfume bottle that they can simply throw in their bag with no worries of its contents seeping out and ruining their day. A new line of highly concentrated, alcohol free, hand blended perfume oils has come up with a solution to this ongoing beauty dilemma.

Majenty fragrant perfume oils have created three undeniably gorgeous scents that each come perfectly packaged in dainty portable bottles with roller ball tops to safeguard from leakage. Not only do they fit neatly into any size purse or bag, they even come in super chic handmade white silk pouches.

Majenty Hidden Cove

Each oil begins with either a gardenia or coconut base infused with an array of floral mixtures to delight the senses. Hidden Cove, deemed “Hawaii in a bottle” is one of the three perfume oils and has an aroma of fresh water lilies, coconut, and tropical flowers. One whiff and I was hooked on this beachy, fresh scent that’s perfect for wearing well into the Fall to remind me of summer days long gone.

Majenty Embrace

Next up is Embrace the Day, the right scent to get ready for anything the day might bring, with an invigorating blend of gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, and plumeria. I love the charming illustration on the bottle of a fierce looking professional woman getting down to business. My choice for a quick afternoon pick me up, the aroma lingers with heady florals to keep me energized and inspired.

Majenty After Hours

Transition effortlessly from day to evening with After Hours, the third scent in the trio of fragrant perfume oils. The coconut- based oil mixes floral notes and tropical jasmine, which makes for an irresistible concoction. Dab a bit across your décolleté or on your pulse points for an intimate dinner or a swanky cocktail party.

For more information on Majenty Fragrant Perfume Oils, please visit majenty.com.

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  1. I’m looking to purchase the Eden Cove magenty but apparently none of the boutique in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills has it please contact me to find out where can I order this amazing product thanks ?

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