Emozione and Signorina Eleganza: Falling head over heels in love with Ferragamo Perfumes


There is nothing dreamier than smelling like a Salvatore Ferragamo demi-goddess and these two fragrances – the brand new Emozione and the already successful Signorina Eleganza – promise to charm you, and those around you, all year long.

Brand new and making a bold statement is Emozione, the latest perfume from Salvatore Ferragamo. Launched only last month, this chypre floral was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas, who’s known for using iris almost as his signature. So it’s no surprise that Emozione opens with powdery iris, and then a squeeze of bright bergamot and softened with velvety peach. The aromas marry blossomy hues and head to rich heart notes of peony, heliotrope, and Bulgarian rose to dance with your senses. Emozione is made rich by the timber textures of patchouli, suede and white musk base notes.

The beauty of this fragrance also lies with the packaging which is simple yet elegant. On the crown of the bottle, the acclaimed Gancino chain reigns. Emozione has been given the Midas touch with gold finishings on its four corners, a pleasing embellishment for its peach and warm white hues. Notes of suede make this a heavier fragrance than Signorina, so I would wear it to celebrations or festivities as it wouldn’t be a daytime scent for me personally; but would be for others who take a bold stance in their afternoon fragrances.

Available at Bloomingdales.

After the floral bouquets we get dazzled by diamonds. Signorina Eleganza or ‘Miss Elegant’ in Italian does what it says on the bottle and perfumer Sophie Labbe never disappoints. Oozing out grandeur, Signorina Eleganza is all about glorifying femininity and grace with every whiff. If you’re a fan of fresh perfumes this could be the answer to your prayers.

Brimming with crisp accents of grapefruit and pear to open, it then melds into a heart of almond and osmanthus petals and finally gentle base tones of patchouli and white leather. Signorina Eleganza will leave you smelling angelic, no matter the occasion.

Ferragamo scents never disappoint, and in the same vein neither does their presentation. The impressive perfume has been packaged in clear glass with gold accents and given the nod of approval with the famous gros grain Vara bow done up in classic creamy beige.

Signorina Eleganza is for the confident woman who isn’t afraid to be the center of attention. If you really want to treat yourself and can afford an over-the-top splurge Beauty News NYC got word of the $39,000.00 edition, exclusive to Harrods, London. Ferragamo has taken note that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and constructed a bottle with the handiwork of Italian artisans. The bottle is varnished with 18K gold detailing and 1.27 carats in diamonds. A woman can dream…
For the rest of us, the perfume is available in lovely bottles sans diamonds at down-to-earth prices. ($87 – $110)

Available: Nordstrom.

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