Epic Trio: Histoires de Parfums Edition Rare

They say all roads led to Rome, and if the Edition Rare line for Histoires de Parfums, which includes Vedi, Vici, Veni, had been available during the Roman Empire, then no doubt all roads would have led to where it was sold. It’s that magnificent. This unisex trio captures the bold spirit and aromatic spices of the empire in fragrance form: each in its own way is exquisite, slightly dramatic, somewhat mysterious, and masterfully composed. Here’s what each offers, which is an olfactory ode to that victorious quote from Julius Caesar: “veni, vidi, vici”:

Veni draws from the aromas of the earth, and is infused with lavender, cardamom, ambergris, galbanum, carnations, saffron, vanilla, patchouli, guaiacwood, toffee, musk, oakmoss and anchoring cinnamon. Lush and spicy, this is thoroughly distinctive, and commanding enough for evening.

Cardamom, vanilla and saffron are imbued in Vidi as well, along with rose, sweet ambergris, musk, cyclamen, water effects, and white wood, designed to evoke the wind and oceans. Crisp, clean and majestic, this is an elegant and versatile day-or-night fragrance.

Vici is an alluring blend of iris, musk, raspberry, patchouli, cardamom, angelic root, osmathus, galbanum, pink peppercorns, celery seed, basil, aldehyde, cedar and lavender, meant to be equated with fire and strength. Wear this masterpiece when you have something important to conquer.

Find these Edition Rare Histoires de Parfum fragrances at http://www.histoiresdeparfums.com and http://www.luckyscent.com.

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