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How many times a year do you receive perfume you end up regifting? You know, the process whereby you rewrap it and give it to someone else because you wouldn’t dare leave your building wearing it. It happens to me all the time, but now that my friends are blue in the face listening to me preach organic, they know better then to arm me with poisonous, pungent designer scents. Instead they know I prefer the less alcoholic more all-natural scents.

With that in mind, here’s one I came across I actually like. It’s Caswell-Massey’s new scent, Evening Star. Created to “celebrate the joyous season and ring in the New Year,” it’s perfect for night owls and party girls, but too adventurous for the office.

Evening Star has a unique scent. I love the citrus bouquet that softens into sensuous undertones of jasmine, ylang-ylang and a woody, oaky, even spicy aroma. There’s even a little patchouli and vanilla too.

It goes without saying every Caswell-Massey product reflects the company’s commitment to quality and the environment, by creating products with the finest perfume grade oils, the purest ingredients, and often, natural botanicals.

Encased in an elegant bejeweled crystal flacon, and nestled in a handmade blue satin box topped with hand-beaded star-top, Evening Star is presented beautifully. You probably won’t even have to gift wrap it. Better yet, you won’t need to worry about someone else regifting it. It’s just too gorgeous.

3.4 oz bottle $100, available at Caswell-Massey 518 Lexington Avenue or online at www.caswellmassey.com.

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Dorothy Cochran

Must have more of the Evening Star. Love it, and I’ve stretched what I have as long as I can. How can I get more?

irene fogarty

Hello Dorothy,

I hate when this happens your favourite fragrance is not being made anymore. I looked on Caswell Massey site and sure enough Evening Star is not there.

You could email them and ask. I wrote this article over 5 years ago so I honestly have no idea, but they should know.

Keep me posted, good luck!



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