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February is fragrance month for Beauty News, but in honor of my devotion to skin care, I’ve chosen the best new product that marries a tasteful scent with an excellent consistency, Gianfranco Ferre’s bath and body collection. From the imaginative mind of a fashion designer, to the technical brain of a scientist, we welcome the latest in luxury bathing.

Had we been born decades or centuries earlier, we might’ve been forced to adhere to cultural norms that seem archaic now. Our only job would the hefty, grossly under appreciated role of tending to the house and the children. Our appearance would be a variation in color from that of our neighbors, no option for Boho or punk looks tolerated; and most relative here, our bathing ritual would consist of a quick shampoo and conditioner, and a swipe with, gasp – a plain bar of soap. Thankfully, we were born in an era where we can choose who to love, where to work, and how to pamper ourselves.

In March 2006, the Clarins Fragrance Group launched Mr. Ferre’s fragrance and the accompanying bath line. Rarely is bathing and moisturizing the corps so luxurious as it is when using these products. Infused with the Ferre scent, the foaming shower gel and the creamy, fast absorbing body lotion are luxe, ultra feminine products, packaged in simple bottles that exude class and sophistication.

The Ferre scent employs bergamot and honeydew melon as its top notes, however iris and ylang ylang also compete, making the floral scent light and airy, but able to compete with classic perfumes of the past. Other notes include magnolia, rose, and jasmine, and as with most modern perfumes, vanilla, sandalwood, and amber made their way into the mix, along with a slight, unusual, note – basmati rice.

As with many designers and artists, Ferre balances the notion of the modern women with the intrigue of mythical Greek goddesses and the fantasy world. The result is a feminine, sophisticated scent that could elevate the mood of many women, from traditional, wealthy Chanel-clad matriarchs to modern, twenty-something career women sporting Lanvin and Versace.

Ferre Bath & Shower Gel 6.8 oz $35
Ferre Lotion 6.8 oz $40
Ferre de Parfum natural spray 1.7 oz $65

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