Flower Power! Floral Fragrances Perfect for Warm Weather

Old man winter has finally reared his ugly head in the other direction, allowing those glorious sun-soaked days of spring to shine ahead. Have you done your spring cleaning….perfume wise? Sure, those heady, musky scents kept you smelling seductive when trapped inside with your beau during those snowy nights, but with the warmer temperatures now, it’s time to lighten things up. Naturally, spring is about celebrating all things floral and this season, several designers have unveiled their own bottled elixirs for curious shoppers and serious sniffers. We’ve uncovered three keepers worth rocking for the next several months and beyond. Prefer the fresh smell of emerald-hued grass after a storm? How about fruits caressed by petals? Or maybe you prefer a touch of wood for a masculine touch? We’ve got them all, so let the sunshine in!

If florals and nothing more is what you seek to welcome the warmer season, then couture designer Narciso Rodriguez has a treat just for you. L’Eau For Her, a lighter version of his previous For Her, is a delicious original that stands on its own and will instantly become a new favorite. Light, airy and refreshing, L’Eau For Her perfectly captures the easy breezy side of spring with a captivating bouquet of white florals, including jasmine and peony. The scent transforms into more flowers, with delicate pink roses, watery lily-of-the-valley and a touch of warm amber to make it sophisticated enough for the everyday woman or even the First Lady, one of Rodriguez’s notable muses. Its dry down becomes a light veil of musk intertwining with patchouli, making it clean, almost powdery, an ideal scent to wear after a soothing shower. If you adore the fresh scent of blooming, dewy roses then L’Eau For Her is a perfect match for you, and we wouldn’t blame you for spritzing away.

Available: Saks Fifth Ave and http://www.saks.com

It may be a cliché to make love a theme for any fragrance, yet Coach manages to do so successfully in their triumphant new scent. Unlike typical aromas targeted for spring, which can be overpoweringly floral, Coach Love is rich and feminine with sensual woodsy undertones, making a chic entrance with a lingering farewell. Coach Love opens with delicate powdery notes of violets and blooming freesia intertwined with juicy blackberries and a hint of mandarin orange for a sudden zest, like a spark between two people. It slowly transforms into a bouquet of lusty gardenia, magnolia and jasmine. Coach Love’s ending turns back time with youthful notes of creamy, yet slightly salty caramel, vanilla, warm sandalwood and a hint of musk for a lasting effect. While some may not be keen on Coach Love’s sudden sweetness, it’s a light, airy perfume that can be worn for the office or out on the town. You just might fall at first whiff.

Available at: http://www.Coach.com and Sephora.com

Love is in the air and chances are it’s because the ladies have been sporting Kenzo’s breathtaking new fragrance for spring, Amour I Love You, an ode to romance for all year long. While this is a limited edition of their previous fragrance, Amour I Love You is softer and fresh enough to handle sudden steamy afternoons. Unlike other floral scents, this perfume highlights sun kissed grapefruit for added zest, except it at times comes across as crisp, green apples, but rest assure, we’re not complaining. It evolves into a trio of freshly opened roses, violets and peach blossoms, quickly morphing into more masculine cedar. It’s green, like the smell of grass after rain, making it welcoming for even those hesitant of wearing anything. One downer is that it doesn’t last as long as one would expect, but considering warmer days call for splashes and body sprays, Amour I Love You makes an ideal addition to your collection.

Available at: Sephora stores and Sephora.com.

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