Fragrance for Fall – Bring Home the Scents of Autumn

Ah, Fall…that transitional time of year when the temperatures change, the leaves transform from green to rust colors throughout Central Park, and the re-instating of the pumpkin spice lattes and hot apple ciders are in order. With the season’s changing, so does our wardrobe (out with the flip flops, in with the boots), make-up, and even fragrance options. And, while we also slowly start to transition to more indoor leisure activities with the brisk weather upon us, home fragrance options can also use a little season-appropriate tweaking.

When it comes to scenting your home for the season, there are common themes evident among the options. Summer is all about ocean breezes or fruity cocktail aromas, while holiday scents such as fresh baked gingerbread cookies or pine trees fill the home for winter. For fall, it is all about pumpkin spice or apple pie. However, Agraria, America’s oldest and largest luxury home fragrance line, offers rich, robust and earthy home fragrance options that fill the abode with the essence of a brisk fall day. From scents such as Bitter Orange to Cedar Rose and a variety of different ways to scent the home such as candles and AirEssence™, Agraria provides an extensive luxury home fragrance collection.

The Cedar Rose Line from Agraria presents a warm, earthy, yet floral scent that blends the sultry intensity of Cedarwood and the uniquely fragrant Damask Rose. The Cedarwood embraces the spirit of the fall months and the falling leaves while the Damask Rose combines for a feminine, yet strong fragrance to fill the home. The packaging is great for presentation also. The candle comes in a brown woven basket-style canister that mixes perfectly with the rose-hued candle. For the entire month of October, Agraria will donate 35% of the proceeds from the Cedar Rose Line to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Prices start at $20 for their bath collection and the candles start at $35. The Agraria Cedar Rose Line is available at Bergdorf Goodman.

Fornasetti Profumi is a luxury home fragrance line that stems from the famous Milanese painter, sculptor and interior decorator, Piero Fornasetti that was brought to life by his son, Barnaba Fornasetti. Barnaba called upon renowned master perfumer, Olivier Polge, creator of Flower Bomb by Victor & Rolf and Dior Homme, The resulting scent is “Otto” meaning eight and it is a sophisticated and unique scent that made use of ingredients that were of personal significance to Barnaba – Mediterranean herbs from the family home and woods often used in interior. With top notes of Thyme and Lavender; middle notes of Orris and Cedarwood and base notes of Tolu Balsam, Incense, and Birch, it is obvious that this is a rich, full-bodied, luxurious fragrance that balances the crisp autumn air.

What is great about this line is the decorative designs implemented throughout the collection. Because Fornasetti Profumi is inspired by the art and interior design of Piero Fornasetti, it merges home fragrance with decorative objects and celebrates the ceramic heritage with enhancing images. Fornasetti Profumi offers not only a variety of home fragrances from scented candles to globe diffusers to incense sticks, but also collectable, decorative and artistic pieces that can be reused or repurposed when finished. Available at Barneys.

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