Fragrant Holiday Gifts

Fresh, clean, and innocent both in-and-out, the Leila Lou fragrance collection from Hollywood make-up artist Rosie Jane Johnston captures the scent of innocence and freshness, and wraps it up in a small bundle of the adorable and inspirational (the tote displays wisdom from none other than Eleanor Roosevelt: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”) Notes of fresh-cut grass, tangerine, and pear blossom infuse the Leila Lou signature scent with a lusciously carefree, springtime-joy vibe…sure to be a burst of sunshine under the tree, and a bright spot in her day, all winter long! Extra jingle bells: Leila Lou is crafted with essential oils, formulated with certified organic ingredients and housed in 100% recycled, or recyclable, materials. Gift set includes 2 oz. body lotion, 12 hour candle and 5ml fragrance oil. Available at &

If Irish eyes are smiling, perhaps it’s because they already know about Ireland’s treasured INIS Fragrance Collection. The Inis Fragrance Gift Set offers three of the lovely oceanic scents, packed together and ready-to-wrap. Inis (meaning “island” in Gaelic) is a unisex cologne that captures the fresh invigoration of summer-by-the-sea, wherever you might be; Inis Or (or, “Golden Island”) adds a warm sensuality to the oceanic Inis blend, endeavoring a scent snapshot of a long Summer’s eve, when the sky is lit with gold; Inis Moonlight is a dreamy, romantic interpretation of the scent; it is feminine and warm; soft, and watery. Don’t let the lasses keep it to themselves. Gift the gift of the ocean (imported from Ireland!) to your favorite mermaid this season. For more information or to purchase please visit and

For the seasonally-affected (or should we say, afflicted?) in us all, Crabtree & Evelyn presents a cure for the winter that remains post-holiday celebration, via India Hicks Island Living and India Hicks Island Night Getaway Bags. Gift her with an escape from the isle of Manhattan (or Long!) via a celebration of the lush warmth of the tropics. Included within the roomy off-white and navy totes (which, incidentally, really are great for getaways, adventures, and travels) are three decadent treasures in the form of an Eau De Toilette, a richly scented Body Cream, and a Shower Gel (Island Living set) or Creamy Body Wash (Island Night set). If you can’t decide which set to get, have no regret: perhaps it’s a sign you deserve one yourself, hint-hint. Find India Hicks Island Living and India Hicks Island Night at Crabtree & Evelyn stores and online at

Stocking Stuffer Alert!! For the forever-young-at-heart, Harajuku Lovers presents Jingle G., fierce fragrance-&-tree-ornament multi-tasker. Witness the ornament in her Christmas element, charmingly styled in a vision reminiscent of the tiniest and cutest of Santas. Decked in her red finery and finished with a bow, Jingle G. sits atop a tiny spot of a sweetly scented, tropically-infused concoction; White Star Fruit, Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Vanilla, and Laos Benzoin Tears are a few of the scent’s delectably dessert-like notes. While it may be just enough juice to last through New Year’s, there IS one consolation: Long after the scent is gone, Jingle J. will still hang merrily from your tree, providing years of merriment and company. Available for limited time at Sephora and

LUSH Gorilla Perfume offers a variety of sizes, formulas, and price points…there’s sure to be one that perfectly fills the empty space in your stocking! Fun scents include SuperWorldUnknown, a collision of citrus and chocolate notes that actually come off more as playfully romantic than confectionary. B Scent delights with soft, soapy lemon, evolving into a more flowery heart (perfumer Simon Constantine was inspired by a childhood crush on a French waitress, who apparently wore a lemon cologne); your guy may love this one on himself, as much as on you. That’s quite a different story from Cocktail, which is emphatically and unabashedly floral (if you could see the fragrance cloud of Cocktail, it would most definitely have a pink glow about it). Mark Constantine refers to Cocktail as “a beautiful dress-up fragrance for special nights out.” The scent’s main notes include a sweet yang-ylang, jasmine, and rose. It’s ridiculously feminine, in that 1930’s special girly perfume-with-atomizer way. Incidentally, if you’re partial to pink girliness, remember to check out LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel; its cotton candy-pink, sweet sugar-spun sparkles are back in town, as fruity, foamy, and fun as ever! This best-selling seasonal delight is available in a 3.3 ounce size…perfect for the stocking hung by the chimney with care.

Home fragrance helps create indulgent moments year-round, making life at home extra-enjoyable every day of the year. Holidays deserve special sensorial highlighting, and no one knows it better than the pioneering purveyor in luxurious botanical formulations: Crabtree & Evelyn. This year, Crabtree & Evelyn offers Christmas Home Fragrances in Smoky Amber and Golden Topaz; the Amber collection is housed in vibrant purple fit for all family royalty, and features an exotic spiced fragrance blend of crystallized ginger, golden amber, and cardamom, accented with citrus and sandalwood. The Topaz collection entices with a fragrant blend of clementine, frankincense and myrrh, spiked with the warmth of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove; it’s housed in a cheery clementine hue that ushers in a warm glow, even pre-lighting. Available at Crabtree & Evelyn and online at

Who couldn’t use a little bit of zen along with their mirth and merriment? The Lisa Hoffman Perfumed Candle Collection offers a bit of extra peace and a touch more tranquility; not only do the candles use the highest concentration of fragrance oils, they also feature organic wood-wicks to enhance the sensory experience. Let the quiet sound of crackling wood inspire an internal escape to a quieter place; try Japanese Agarwood, a rare, precious wood scent used in Japanese incense ceremonies; here, it’s accented with zesty bergamot, spiced ginger, and warm amber. Available at

It’s nothing less than best-dressed when it’s from Balenciaga. Finely-scented wax is no exception; as such, the Balenciaga L’essence Candle arrives all agleam, much like the holidays themselves. A bold, assertive fragrance, the Balenciaga L’essence candle weaves vibrant woody notes, mosses, and leaves into an intense tapestry of violet, creating a sophisticated, modern atmosphere most unfit for wallflowers. A perfect, elegant gift for the one who already wears it well -and wears it with pride. Available at Bergdorf Goodman and

The Thymes Frasier Fir Pinecone Reed Diffuser Set brings a bit of outdoorsy nature right into your home, and does so in a decorative, aromatic way. Realistic yet lovingly smoothed and shined pinecone holds slender reeds that scent the air with the Christmas classic that is Frasier Fur. It’s a refreshing walk through a forest, with notes of Siberian Fir needles, cedarwood, and sandalwood. Creates a relaxing, yet invigorating mountain-fresh ambiance that’s just as at home on Park Avenue, as it is in the “Heartland” (wherever that may be)! It’s the smell of Christmas, ready to make merry on any given day. Available at

Yankee Candle never disappoints with their huge selection of affordable premium scented candles (they offer more than 150 fragrances). Their Holiday 2011 collection is inspired by the delicate beauty of nature in winter, and includes some great new scents. Bright, juicy cherries mingle with sweet almonds through an icy veil of freshness in Cherries on Snow, while frosty woods envelop red berries, currant, and rosemary in Mountain Berry, a crisp celebration of fruity and woody notes. Deck the Halls with a stirring symphony of cedar, fir, bergamot, and musk, while Be Jolly offers the scent of holiday spices melded with notes of hollyberry and pine. Yankee Candle’s new Perfect Pillar lives within smooth glass and is topped with a brushed metal lid; it also features a removable label, for simple, elegant style and go-with-any-decor versatility. Available in a variety of classic Yankee Candle fragrances; try Mountain Lodge for an instant retreat to a cozy hearth complete with warm aromas of sage and cedarwood. Find these winter treats and more (like candle holders, reed diffusers, fragrance travel tins – and more) online at

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