From Fashion to Fragrance: A New Smelling You for 2007


One of our favorite West coast fragrance brands, Becker-Eshaya has brought their sweet smelling magic to the East coast with the creation of an exclusive fragrance line for Scoop NYC. Fragrance designers Kristen Becker and John Eshaya, worked together to develop Scoop NYC for women and Scoop Kids.

Scoop for women, boasts a unique floral bouquet with notes of pear blossom, tangerine, white peony, and jasmine. The musky bottom note lends a sense of sophistication while giving the scent an earthy base. Scoop Kids mixes fresh, fruity notes like strawberry, peach, berry, and pear with hints of greenery.

We spoke with Kristen Becker about the inspiration to bring the Becker-Eshaya work to Scoop.

BN: What made you decide to team up with Scoop NYC to develop fragrances for them?

KB: Scoop NYC was such as great supporter of “BE” when we launched a year ago and it was the only fragrance the store had ever carried. We were very willing and eager to design custom fragrances for them. Scoop and Becker-Eshaya share very similar style philosophies, and since John and I come from backgrounds in fashion, we really understand what the Scoop brand and style sense is all about. It’s fashion forward with a lot of mixing and matching to create a unique and individual look and yet it’s classic.

BN: Can you describe the process of creating the scent?

KB: We worked with our chemists to essentially bottle the Scoop look. Scoop for women is a sophisticated and modern perfume that was developed for the Scoop clientele. The Scoop girl is confident and worldly with selective tastes and distinct femininity.

The inspiration came from the stores themselves, the fashions they carry, the layouts, the colors, and most of all the women who shop there. As for choosing the actual notes, it’s not a direct translation from fashion to fragrance, so there’s a lot of interpretation. It’s more visceral, so when you smell the women’s fragrance, it just feels right that it would come from Scoop NYC.


BN: What is the Becker-Eshaya fragrance philosophy?

KB: At Becker-Eshaya, we subscribe to the “Fragrance Wardrobe” philosophy. You have a selection of favorite fragrances that essentially mirror your fashion wardrobe and you wear them accordingly. Whereas “BE” was inspired by your favorite pair of jeans with a distinct Southern California vibe, Scoop NYC is more of a New York fragrance that you wear with the same types of outfits you find at Scoop stores.

BN: Why did you create a scent for kids?

KB: Scoop carries a lot of kid’s lines so it was a natural progression to create a children’s fragrance. Plus, children’s fragrances seem to be really taking off and Scoop has that loyal customer that will easily buy the Scoop scent for their little ones. The notes are fun and every kid loves the smell of a fresh strawberry field.

BN: What does this collaboration mean for both Scoop NYC and Becker-Eshaya?

KB: Scoop is a very strong and established brand; creating a signature scent for them lends a lot of credibility to Becker-Eshaya, which as only been in business for a year.

BN: Lastly, what’s up next for the BE line?

KB: BE Becker-Eshaya will be launching a BE body lotion next month, plus we will be unveiling our second fragrance in September. This is a fall fragrance designed for the fall wardrobe. It’s gorgeous!

Scoop NYC fragrances are available exclusively through Scoop NYC stores and

Fashion icon Valentino, has released his latest effort in the world of fragrance, dutifully named Rock’N Rose. Fragrance expert Will Andrews explains, “We have created a fusion of accords that separately and together define the multi-layered, character of the Rock Princess who Valentino wants to celebrate.” Leading off with a touch of innocence, notes of muguet, bergamot, black currant, and leafy greens, give way to sophisticated rose, gardenia, and orange blossom. The mischievous base of this scent is a luxe blend of sandalwood, heliotrope, combined with vanilla, orris and musky notes. This is a true must-have for rock royalty; Valentino is calling you Kelly Osbourne and Jade Jagger, so go get a whiff and rock out! Visit

Penhaligon’s Lily & Spice is More than Nice


Traditional English perfume house Penhaligon’s is ringing in the New Year with their latest return to tradition with the perfume Lily & Spice. The heady scent captures purity and elation with a focus on the white lily, a special flower known in Christian mythology as the flower that was born out of the tears of Eve after eating the forbidden fruit.

In the English garden, the white lily is one of the most celebrated flowers, Penhaligon’s ingeniously blends notes of saffron, and brown patchouli to create the tempting elixir. This is the perfect scent for playing up the duality of a woman, a cocktail in femininity: one part sex kitten, one part chaste virgin. For more information visit

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