Gee, Your Air Smells Delicious:
Fragrance Diffusers that Lift Our Spirits


I admit it, I love scent and I love clutter. My home has always been a hodgepodge of scented candles and potpourri. Ok, even a Glade plug-in made its way into the bathroom.

My newest passion is for room ambience diffusers; with their beautiful bottles, lingering fragrances and reed sticks, there’s a place for good scents in every room in your home or apartment. Baffled by how they work? To use, simply uncork the home diffuser bottle and immerse the stick bundle into your fragrance. At first usage, reverse bundle two to three times to saturate your sticks, then reverse when desired to refresh. Most small diffusers we tested lasted two months and the larger sizes lasted up to four months.

Here’s the BN Blueprint for the home:


For the kitchen: the smell of your home cooked food (or in my case lean cuisine and takeout) should never be overwhelmed by a strong fragrance. We love Anthusa’s Fig Leaf and Bitter Almond, with its subtle scent of fig and marzipan. Available at


For the bedroom: Neither too feminine nor too masculine, we recommend Alora Ambience’s Due, one of nine fabulous fragrances named for their Italian origins. Here jasmine, cucumber, basil, and ylang ylang strike a perfect balance. Available at


If you want to perfume your boudoir, my personal favorite is the elegant and sensualSeda France’s Japanese Quince Diffuser. Beautifully packaged, you pour exactly the amount of fragrance you want from its separate bottle into the beautiful tasseled glass jar. Available at


For the Living Room: Linari’s Estate Diffuser is 17 ounces and can scent a larger size room. This is a fragrance everyone will adore; clean and fresh…notes of bergamot, jasmine, musk and amber create the perfect “scenting” for after dinner conversation. Available at


For the Bathroom: A stronger fragrance would serve this space well. We recommend Antica Farmicista’s Vanilla, Bourbon And Mandarin Reed Diffuser. It smells lusciously gourmand and is also available in personal fragrance. Available at


For the Children’s Room: Little kids can create big smells. They also have delicate noses and can be allergic to many scents. Try Orange Blossom from RedFlower for your little one’s room. RedFlower’s Home Ambience Diffusers are Demeter certified biodynamic blends of oils and come in a gorgeous recycled glass vase. The diffuser sticks are made of palm wood, trees that grow in abundance and are typically simply burned down when they no longer bear fruit. Available at


For the Home Office: Dayna Decker creates a spare sphere that is perfectly balanced as you balance your books. We recommend the soft and clean smell of the Sandalrose Couture Diffuser . We love it for both style and substance. Available at

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