Gift Her – or Him – a Beautiful Romantic Fragrance

Nothing says romance like a eau-so-beautiful scent housed in an elegant bottle. Choose from one of these magnificent fragrances and you’ll be thanked with every spritz.

English Promenade 19 by Krigler

Curl up and watch a romantic movie for a date night in, and gift your special someone English Promenade 19 by Krigler. This juicy blend opens with a splash of orange blossom and grapefruit, and moves into ylang ylang, neroli and sensual musk. English Promenade has a romantic heritage as it was created in 1919 and became an iconic fragrance when legendary actress Audrey Hepburn made it her signature scent in 1952 while filming Roman Holiday. A perfect fragrance for your date night and remains truly au courant and modern.

Available: Krigler

Delina Rosee and Greenley by Parfums de Marly

I love mixing scents to match my mood or the season, and I’ve come up with a combination that always gets compliments. From Parfums de Marly, I’m mixing Delina Rosee and Greenley. The Delina collection, is an outstanding trio of variations of their original Delina and the most recent, Delina Rosee, is the brightest, softest and most transparent one. Imagine water flowers and peonies mixed with bergamot and soft balsam. Rose and vetiver pull it all together for a fragrance that lifts the spirits. It’s beautiful on its own and most likely to touch a feminine sensibility. When I experienced Greenley, which is from their men’s collection, I discovered it created an incredible blend when I mixed it with Delina Rosee. Greenley opens with a lush blend of citrus, bark, and sap which then melds into a beautiful green apple scent. Greenley leans to the more masculine side of scent, and I have a personal preference for more feminine fragrance, however, when I wear these together, I find it to be a perfect combination that many would enjoy.

Available: Marly Delina Rosee – Nordstrom – Marly Greenley – Nordstrom

Moon Glory and Metal Flower by The Harmonist

Perfumes by The Harmonist are a true shared (unisex) line of scents that they tell us are created with the “savoir faire of Paris combined with the modernism and story telling of Los Angeles.” Moon Glory, is especially intoxicating with Hawaiian jasmine and passion flower that move into notes of sweet lychee, ylang ylang, honey and soft sandlewood. It’s sensuous, addicting and sweet, but not over-the-top sweet and perfect for a moon lit evening. Metal Flower opens with vibrant aldelhydes and orange blossom, which bloom into Bulgarian Rose and Rose of May with a little metal and ylang ylang and dry down into delicate notes of patchouli and white musk. They’re perfect his or her fragrances.

Available: Metal Flower – Bloomingdales – Moon Glory – Bergdorf Goodman

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Dr. Jack Barnathan

Thank you Candice! Krigler is a favorite based on your recommendations and now exploring all the others you shared. So grateful for all you help us with!


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