Gifted Fragrant Products of Special Note


HAKANSSON has just launched The Scent, a pure, unique-smelling skin fragrance designed to bridge the gap between fragrance and nourishing skin care. Created by celeb makeup artist Katarina Hakansson, and devoid of alcohol, The Scent is made with milk, fresh freesia and lilac florals, orange and lime, soft musk, clary sage, bergamot and hydrating skin lotion. It smells fresh, powdery, and oddly intriguing, and its small size and mod bottle render it ideal for purse or as a Swedish stocking stuffer to remember. $38, available at apothecaries nationwide or at

Stuff a stocking with one of CAROLINA HERRARA’s new roll-on fragrances. Whether you prefer Carolina or the eponymous fragrance, each imparts the same exuberant, rich floral bouquet, though each has its own unique twist–and is bottled with festive gold polka dots and trimmed in gold ribbon. Pick these up at Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora stores, and other department stores nationwide (a steal at $10).

PRACTICAL NATURE knows how to calm your frazzled nerves during holiday shopping and cooking: two squirts of Lavender Spritz, followed by an application of Revitalizing Foot Cream. The entire Practical Nature line is environmentally friendly and of high quality, made with pure essential oils by wholistic health expert Nelle Davis and designer Rick Prater. The lavender spritz smells like a field of lavender on a sunny day in France ($18), and the revitalizing foot cream fills the room with fresh pine and clove scent ($16.50) and lives up to its name. Check out the entire line at

ANTHOUSA is a brand synonymous with the highest quality home scents, and the candles are really quite special. For holiday entertaining, try Cypress (juniper berry, cardamom, clary sage, cypress woods, pine needles and lavender on a rich base of amber) or Pomegranate & Mint (pomegranate, dragon fruit, white peach, winter berry, mint, freesia and hibiscus), or find your own favorite, distinctive mix at; also available at Aedes des Venustas on Christopher Street near Sixth Avenue. Anthousa products are lovely as gifts for neighbors, teachers, relatives and, of course, your best friends.

Products from LATHER smell so fresh and distinctive that you’ll be tempted to bury your nose in them. The all-natural soaps, lotions, candles and fragrance contain essential oils and a fresh, natural mix of scents. Lather’s roll on perfume was reminiscent of fresh laundry or old-fashioned soap, and the candle was equally clean-smelling. Lather’s body lotion mixes well with an array of favorite perfumes, and will impart a powdery clean note to whatever you wear. Check out [url=][/url] to scope out products at a variety of prices.

If holiday shopping is taking a toll on your toes and heels, treat yourself (as well as a lucky gift recipient) to KERSTIN FLORIAN’s herbal Foot Balm, which is rife with eucalyptus, menthol, and lavender for soothing relief. This magical balm softens cracked heels, cools, imparts an anti-fungal agent and revitalizes tired legs. This could be one of your favorite gifts to yourself! Find it at, and check out the Spa Face Neroli Water as well. Light in fragrance and texture, it lifts the spirits while leaving a lingering note of pure bitter orange. It’s awesome, and available in stocking stuffer portions size as well as a serious spritzing size.

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