Heat Up Your Winter with Seductive New Scents


Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s time to heat things up with satin sheets, luscious cocoa, a giving lover, and your new signature scent.

There’s no doubt that the right fragrance can enhance those provocative moments behind closed doors, but during the chilly winter season it can be difficult to find one that won’t easily overpower with too-strong notes. There’s just nothing flirtatious about clubbing your significant other over the head with a dangerously overbearing fragrance.

Fortunately, we discovered some new tantalizing finds that will enhance your personal charm and make you all the more enticing once the sun goes down. Get ready to fire up your furnace!

One woman who has made the art of seduction a thriving career is burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese and her latest fragrance gives us a taste of how to captivate any suitor. Unlike her previous perfumes, Erotique is a heady, woodsy scent expertly created, a welcoming aroma in the world of celebrity fragrances often too sugary sweet…like cheap sex. Erotique, on the other hand, is like making slow, passionate love with a beau you can’t just get enough of. It even feels like shielding your nude figure with a decadent fur coat, jewels, and not much else! Inspired by Anais Nin and Henry Miller’s vintage erotica, expect a sensual embrace of spicy pepper, a warm, golden bouquet of Bulgarian rose, and smoky leather.

Available at HSN.com and RonRobinson.com.

When a perfume promises to capture the spirit of “the magical hour when anything is possible,” one can’t help, but take a whiff (or two). And that is exactly what Midnight Promise, the first fragrance launched by Bellegance Perfumes, delivers. Taking inspiration from the most bewitching hour, Midnight Promise immediately opens with a luscious union of red mandarin and spicy cinnamon, quickly developing into an enchanting note of powdery Moroccan red rose at the exact moment of blooming. Finally, it finishes transforming into lingering incense with mature vanilla musk (no cutesy candy found here!), and well as sandalwood and yes, even a little patchouli. Be warned that Midnight Promise is not for the faint of heart and a little for nighttime pleasures goes a long way.

Available at BellegancePerfumes.com

For those who are looking to vamp up their bedrooms, consider the equally luring Hope Candle by Juara, an exquisite treat for those yearning to turn their homes into a welcoming lair. This cozy, comforting aroma will invoke the desire to cuddle with a delightful union of lush greens, white blooming jasmine, sparkling bergamot for a touch of zest, along with hints of fresh roses and a touch of creamy coconut. If you really want to feel good, 10% of sales from this candle will be donated to Walubu, a charitable relief organization dedicated to aiding the poor and disaster-hit areas of Indonesia.

Available at JuaraSkincare.com and ABC Home Furnishings,. 888 Broadway, NY, NY 10003.

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