Hitting the High Notes this Season: (Rock Around the Christmas Tree with These Music-inspired Scents)


Music inspires us on many levels, and the fashion and beauty worlds are no exception. Smoky eyes scream rock ‘n roll, and any hot make up look is soon copied once a famous pop star is seen sporting it. Lately, the fragrance world has been increasingly inspired by music, whether it’s a perfumer like Jo Malone looking to a style of music for inspiration or an “It” girl launching a signature scent. It makes “scents,” since both music and perfume are based on notes!


Jo Malone whips up the essence of spicy Latin flamenco music with her newest scent, Blue Agava and Cacao. The warm scent is tangy and exotic, and a little spritz will make you want to kick up your heels and shake your hips with a little flamenco dancing. And if you go dirty dancing while wearing this scent, you can bet your partner will go crazy once he gets a whiff of this grapefruit, red berry, agava flower, and vetiver blend!

Bond No. 9, the perfumer that captures the auras of NYC neighborhoods, has crafted West Side, a sultry, rich ‘n creamy floral. West Side is the house’s 27th fragrance, and with its harmonious, melodious notes of vanilla, peony, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang, West Side pays homage to the beat of the West Side’s musical heritage and legendary places like Lincoln


Center, Tin Pan Alley, Studio 54, The Cotton Club, and Carnegie Hall. This scent is universal, and will appeal to women who have a passion for all types of music, from jazz to opera to dance.

Multi-tasking pop stars are launching fragrances left and right. While the ladies aren’t donning white lab coats and mixing chemicals in a science lab, they are hands on in crafting the potions. The appeal is simple: the fashionistas behind these scents know quality, and if you use their product, you are, somehow, a little like them.


Britney Spears (despite what you think of her music and her soon-to-be-ex) has launched 2 best-selling scents: Curious and Fantasy. The scents are light and airy — the olfactory equivalent of her music. Brit’s love of sweets is often chronicled in weekly tabloids, so it’s no surprise that notes of vanilla, lychee, cupcake have made their way into Curious and Fantasy.


Hilary Duff has entered the scent sweepstakes with With Love…Hilary Duff. Duff partnered up with fragrance giant Elizabeth Arden for a scent that is fruity and bold, as well as sweetly sexy, thanks to the notes of mangosteen fruit, cocobolo wood, sheer amber milk, and amber musk layered through the scent. With Love is youthful and energetic, like Duff herself.

Fashion house Valentino, no stranger to dressing rock stars, has introduced Rock ‘N Rose, a scent designed for the Rock Princess with two distinct, yet coexisting sides. The scent was designed for the refined rose with a rock attitude, the kind of girly girl who loves a late night rock show downtime at Irving Plaza or Bowery Ballroom, but still dresses in Dolce & Gabbana boots for the occasion! The scent is a fantasy rose blend of fresh fruit and classic florals, resulting in a vivid, nose tickling scent.

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