Jo Malone: from London Gardens to You

In 1650 Christina of Sweden said “Dignity is like a perfume; those who use it are scarcely conscious of it.” And if Jo Malone‘s fragrances were personified, they would be the most dignified among us. This British line of fragrances and skin care products are synonymous with good taste, quality, and integrity. It’s a gift or treat that can’t go wrong.

Jo Malone rendered the Flatiron Building more distinctive than its unusual shape, because it’s the site of her first shop in the Unites States. She also has a shop at 946 Madison Avenue in New York. A trip to either shop is well worth the time. You’ll find dazzling rows of sturdy, substantial-looking glass and silver fragrance bottles with scents she cultivated in her own English garden. They include red roses, nutmeg & ginger, pine & eucalyptus, grapefruit & rosemary, basil & verbena, juniper, verbenas of Provence, honeysuckle & jasmine, eucalyptus & mint, vetiver, tuberose, lime basil & mandarin, amber & lavender, and wild fig & cassis.

Each one of Jo Malone’s fragrances can be layered with another. Her staff provides layering advice as well as cards that suggest the best matches. Her Red Roses fragrance, comprised of six different types of roses, can be layered with most of her other fragrances – and her citrus scents can boost and sharpen her spice, floral, and woody scents. Her open, sunny, mostly cream-colored shop allows customers to feel they have space and time to experiment. This is exactly what Jo Malone had in mind when she designed it.

Her unusual fragrance combinations, like nutmeg & ginger, or cassis & wild fig, work so well on the skin that you suspect they were created solely to meld as one in the fragrance for you. The line’s best-selling scent is the Lime, Basil & Mandarin combination. It’s a tribute to Malone’s ingenious “nose” for creative scent synergy. She is truly one of the notable fragrance pioneers in our era. Her contributions will resonate for quite a long time to come, but hurry to her stores to enjoy them now.

Jo Malone
767 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10153
Tel: 212-572-3967


946 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021

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