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We’re in the steel gray days of Winter. Yet as the temperatures drop, my spirits go up because my luxe sweaters and snugly blankets no longer hibernate in storage. I’ve had a decadent few weeks, without a thicker waistline, experiencing fragrances from luxury niche perfumers that pair splendidly with my cold weather essentials.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (DSH) Parfums des Beaux Arts are alluring, sophisticated perfumes comprised of mostly botanical ingredients. I had the pleasure of sampling three scents, beautiful for blustering yet sultry nights indoors or out. Café Noir is a warm spicy scent, evocative of a dark Parisian night. The perfume features an eclectic combination of bergamot, black pepper and pimento berry; Bulgarian rose otto, and jasmine; and rooted in coffee absolute, tolu balsam and vanilla. Wearing this scent makes me want to listen to jazz, sipping Cognac and relishing a smooth cigar. It could be by my cozy fireplace at home or smoky Las Vegas club. Dirty ROSE is not for the shy wallflower, but for the woman who prefers a little rougher handling under covers. It is a rose-based perfume that is interwoven rather than dominant. Eccentric fragrance notes include Egyptian rose geranium and rosewood; Buddahwood, frankincense, patchouli, sandalwood, and Virginia cedar; and Hiba cedarwood, leather, tobacco Absolute, treemoss, and more.

Like sumptuous cashmere or a camel coat, DSH’s E’pices d’Hiver instantly envelops me in comfortable elegance. It is an unique mesmerizing scent, wonderful for cuddling with your man during frosty winter evenings. The fragrance consists of exotic florals (stargazer lily, jasmine, patchouli) and warm spices (pink pepper and nutmeg) for a vivacious blend.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz fragrance treasures are available online at and at her own Essence Studio in Boulder, Colorado, where the artist is based.

When I wear my turquoise Malo sweater, I also want to have on JIVAGO 24K from Ilana Jivago’s just launched JIVAGO Gold Collection. Like premium cashmere and fine jewelry, the scent is wonderfully opulent and precious – genuine 24 karat gold flakes float in the bottle. The perfume is a modern floral feminine blend, showcasing Asian jasmine and tuberose, flanked by more flowers such as Bulgarian rose, Lily of the Valley and orris. A final note of amber at the base offers a grounding finish. JIVAGO 24K grows softer the longer I wear it, relaxed and comforting like a dear, well-loved pullover. And as I gaze at the bottle, which rests on a glacier-looking stand, I feel like Rose Dewitt Bukater, Kate Winslet’s spirited character in Titanic: I am warm despite the cold and “on top of the world.”

For crisp snow-white days, JIVAGO White Gold is a natural choice. The scent is chic and clean, understated sensual and playful in one. It is perfect for a woman who knows how to throw a good fast snowball and not afraid to sleigh down a steep powdery hill. White Gold is a sparkling floral fragrance that subtly shimmers with a classic bouquet of lush white peony, Lily of the Valley and orris at its heart. These delicate florals rest upon a base of rosewood, musk and vanilla. Genuine white gold flakes are also an essential element to this fragrant blend. White Gold is so refreshing and versatile, I could wear it year-round. Its lightness is an excellent contrast to stylish yet chunkier tops, hats and gloves.

JIVAGO Gold perfumes are available Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales stores and and

Armed in a dark turtleneck, tall leather boots, and mink or fox jacket, Calamity J. from Juliette Has a Gun is my automatic scent. The fragrance, by Romano Ricci, gives me the final umph to my swagger in an overall look meant to be retro rocker, cowgirl edgy, and warm. Calamity J. is an anomaly, a strong and delicate perfume: It features a woodsy patchouli and a sensual iris and amber, grounded with musk over vanilla infusion. The scent is intoxicatingly sharper, a dash hombre, then softer, more voluptuously mujer, the longer it lingers on the skin. This outlaw smells good.

Calamity J. is available at The Plaza Hotel Beauty, Henri Bendel, NYC and

I don’t mind splurging when it comes to exquisite Winter must-haves, like sweaters, coats, boots and throws. These parfums are now part of my cold weather indulgences too.

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